AMD RX 7600 XT & Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti rumored to launch days apart

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AMD’s RX 7600 XT is poised to be the next GPU released from Team Red. However, its rumored launch date is set to be just days after the release of the Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti.

The mid-range GPU wars are heating up. Nvidia’s RTX 4060 Ti 8GB variant is set to release on May 24, while leaks allege that the AMD Radeon RX 7600 XT will be launched a day later on May 25.

The current lineup of graphics cards is looking incredibly competitive in the mid-range, but gamers shopping in this price segment may want to consider the VRAM capacity of both graphics cards.

Both the RTX 4060 Ti and AMD RX 7600 XT are poised to arrive with 8GB of GDDR6 RAM. While this may be appropriate at lower resolutions like 1080p, the GPUs may struggle to attain adequate framerates at 1440p or above. However, for those looking to simply play esports titles like Counter-Strike 2 or Fortnite, this might not be an issue.

We currently speculate that the GPU will be available for around $300-399 USD.

Is 8GB enough VRAM in 2023?

These concerns surrounding VRAM size may overshadow both of these mid-range GPUs entirely. Modern games like Hogwarts Legacy and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has proven that even at lower resolutions, some PC ports of AAA titles are starting to demand much more VRAM. The quality of the said ports is also dubious, however, it is a worrying trend.

AMD themselves even called Nvidia out surrounding VRAM capacities in mainstream GPUs, making it curious that Team Red has not given more RAM to this GPU.

But, it all ultimately ends up with what you want to play. Features like FSR and DLSS 3 will help smooth over some rougher framerates in demanding titles. But, for those looking to play lighter titles at lower resolutions, the RX 7600 XT might just be your next GPU.

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