Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti GPU leaks again in new pictures

Joel Loynds
potential nvidia 50-series

The actual chip for the upcoming RTX 4060 Ti from Nvidia has been leaked, adding to the pile of various other leaks about the GPU.

MEGAsizeGPU, a Twitter leaker who has already leaked the RTX 4060 Ti box art, has now posted an image of the chip powering the upcoming GPU.

Nvidia’s 40-series graphics cards have been getting intermittent releases since the launch of the 4090, with the new battle for the company to take place at the mid-range builds. AMD and Nvidia are both gearing up for the release of their mid-range hardware and the 4060 Ti is expected to come in at under $500.

From the image, we can now see that the 4060 Ti will feature an “AD106-350” chip, which is a cutdown variation of the full chip. It’ll have 4352 CUDA cores, rather than the full 4608 CUDA cores found in the larger version.


Nvidia 4060 Ti poised for a May launch

4080 closeup

The 4060 Ti is currently positioned to launch in May, about a month or so after the launch of the 4070.

MEGAsizeGPU also leaked the template box art for the graphics card, including all its features. While it’s not especially surprising, with DLSS 3 and ray tracing prominently featured, this is an intriguing card in the pantheon. Typically, the XX60 variant can be found dominating the Steam survey charts, with the last three generations taking the top three spots in March 2023.

While not the flagship for Nvidia, it’s expected that this and the non-Ti variation will be the biggest sellers for Nvidia in the ensuing months as people begin to upgrade from much older cards. While coming up on 10 years old, the GTX 1060 still sees massive use across PC gaming.

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