Nvidia RTX 4090 Ti: Rumored specs, performance & more

Nvidia RTX 4090 with lightning backgroundDexerto

Nvidia’s RTX 4090 Ti is not yet announced, though we have scoured the internet for all possible information about what we assume is going to be Nvidia’s next flagship GPU. That includes speculation on specification, performance, release date and more.

Nvidia’s RTX 4090 is one of the most powerful graphics cards around. But, Nvidia is already looking to release an even more powerful GPU. This “Ti” variant of the RTX 4090 might be more powerful than any other RTX 40-series graphics card launched so far. Thanks to rumors and leaks, we have a good idea of what this GPU will look like.

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Though, take all of this information with a grain of salt, as Nvidia has not officially confirmed anything.

RTX 4090 Ti specifications leak

GPUNvidia RTX 4060 Ti (Unconfirmed)Nvidia RTX 4070 (Unconfirmed)Nvidia RTX 4070 TiNvidia RTX 4080Nvidia RTX 4090Nvidia RTX 4090 Ti (Unconfirmed)
CUDA cores43525888768097281638418176

Courtesy of leaker Kopite7Kimi, we know some initial unconfirmed specs of the RTX 4090 Ti. It will be using AD102 on a PG136 chip, which is still not the largest that Nvidia is capable of making. The board will come in both reference and Founders Edition variants, too. that goes to the PG137, which is currently rumored to be the return of the Titan class of graphics cards.

However, one thing that we do know is that we are going to get one hell of a GPU. Sporting 18176 CUDA cores, the RTX 4090 Ti will have 10% more CUDA cores than the vanilla RTX 4090. This is a huge increase on an already incredibly powerful graphics card. To add to this, the GPU will also be sporting a mighty 96Mb of L2 cache. Though the GPU will still be using the same 24GB of GDDR6X of RAM, but slightly souped up to allow for a 144GB/s throughput, making it quicker than any other RAM on a standard RTX 4090.

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This is also in line with previous leaks that we have seen, which claimed similar things about the RTX 4090 Ti’s performance numbers, though the board power has dramatically increased.

One interesting thing to note is that the RTX 4090 Ti is currently rated with a total board power of a staggering 600W. This is the maximum wattage a 12VHPWR port can handle. This is making those power fears many had last year come seemingly true. However, this also represents a 33% increase in power consumption when compared to the normal RTX 4090.

Just bear in mind that these can all change before the card is officially announced, and we’ll be keeping a keen eye on what we hear from the GPU, to keep you up to date, without having to decipher cryptic tweets from certain leakers.

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RTX 4090 Ti benchmark expectations

We believe that the upcoming RTX 4090 Ti could be up to around 20% faster than the RTX 4090, making this one quick GPU. Considering how much quicker the RTX 4090 Ti is in comparison to the base RTX 4090, you should also expect enhanced ray-traced performance, in addition to great performance at high resolutions thanks to that incredibly speedy RAM.

RTX 4090 Ti price expectations

We believe that the RTX 4090 Ti will cost closer to the $2000 mark or above. The GPU should be slightly more expensive than the RTX 4090’s current MSRP of $1599. This makes sense, especially considering how much silicon is packed in there, and how powerful these graphics cards could also be. It’s not going to be for everyone, but it will indeed be extremely powerful.

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RTX 4090 Ti release date speculation

Right now, we would expect the RTX 4090 Ti to launch towards the end of 2023. Nvidia has no real reason to launch the GPU any time before that, especially with lower-end cards to launch throughout the remainder of 2023. So, it’s safe to say that we’re probably not going to see this card officially released any time in the near future.

We’ll keep you up to date with everything that we hear about the RTX 4090 Ti, until then, be sure to take these initial leaks with a pinch of salt.

Will the RTX 4090 Ti be the most powerful GPU?

The RTX 4090 Ti would be the most powerful gaming GPU that Nvidia has ever created. Though, we believe that you might have to wait a little while before Nvidia originally announces it. The CUDA core count, VRAM capacity, and more will make the RTX 4090 Ti the most powerful gaming card ever created upon its inevitable release.

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Right now, it doesn’t look like AMD will be able to take the power crown this generation. We may have to wait and see what RDNA 4 cooks up on the Team Red side to see them go toe-to-toe with Nvidia once again.