Nvidia RTX 5090 could be the only 50 series GPU to launch in 2024

Sayem Ahmed
RTX 4090 silhouette on a green background

Nvidia’s next-gen RTX 5090 could stand alone as the only next-gen Nvidia GPU to launch in 2024, according to a leak from tipster Moore’s Law is Dead.

Nvidia’s RTX 50 series graphics cards are rumored to be launching soon. As expected, the RTX 5090 is likely to be the first GPU in the new lineup to launch, presumably being followed by variants like the RTX 5080 and below. The RTX 4090 retains the power crown for desktop GPUs, so Team Green’s next-gen lineup is highly anticipated.

Tipster Moore’s Law is Dead has a good track record for Nvidia leaks, having revealed the pricing of the RTX 40 Super lineup ahead of launch, and in the latest episode of podcast Broken Silicon, he revealed that sources close to Nvidia expect the RTX 5090 to be released in 2024.

One source, allegedly from inside Nvidia claims that the RTX 5090 is “likely” to be “unveiled at Computex, and be for sale by early Q4 of this year”. A second source from an AIB board partner states that Nvidia has not detailed which GPUs would be ready in 2024, but there would be “at least one”.

Lastly, an OEM source details that the laptop lineup will use “GDDR7 and PCIe 5.0”, and that the RTX 5080 mobile die would be based on the GB203 die, and that the laptop die’s development is several months behind compared to the RTX 40 series mobile lineup.

With new CPUs like Intel 15th Gen and AMD Zen 5 expected to launch this year, Nvidia may be targeting new PC builders in Q4 2024 to release its RTX 5090. Depending on how powerful the newest desktop chip is, it could necessitate the use of brand-new CPUs to keep the chip from CPU bottlenecking, as previously seen in initial RTX 4090 reviews, where CPU limitations prevented the GPU from attaining all the frames that the silicon is capable of producing.

Remember, none of this is official, so be sure to take leaks such as this with a pinch of salt until Nvidia makes things official.