Nvidia RTX 4090 Ti leak claims it could be 20% faster than the 4090

Sayem Ahmed
RTX 4090 Ti leak

The Nvidia RTX 4090 hasn’t even gone on sale yet, but the RTX 4090 Ti, its bigger brother, may be up to 20% faster than Nvidia’s BFGPU.

Nvidia’s RTX 4090 looks like the fastest graphics card around, with the card going on sale today. However, Twitter leaker @XpeaGPU has revealed information about a potential RTX 4090 Ti, stating that it could be up to 20% faster than the 4090.

We already know that the RTX 4090 is not the ‘full-fat’ die that the Nvidia 40-series is based on, so it’s possible that the company is saving the high-end AD102 chips for an upcoming RTX 4090 Ti. That means very few cutdowns on the chip and another GPU that rivals the TITAN class of cards which have seemingly now been retired.

RTX 4090 Ti leaked specifications

GPURTX 4090 Ti
Boost clock2.75GHz
CUDA cores18176
L2 cache96MB
Memory24GB GDDR6X
Memory bus width384-bit

These staggering specifications will ultimately see the RTX 4090 Ti reportedly faster than the RTX 4090 by around 10-20%. However, a common thread that we’ve seen throughout many RTX 4090 reviews is that the performance of the card is often CPU-bound in many titles, therefore, this issue may be exasperated in any model that pushes performance even further.

To clarify, these specs are pretty astonishing, and it will undoubtedly be quicker than the 4090, or any other GPU to come before it.

This is the first time in many generations that performance has become CPU-bound in the high-end. It’ll be interesting to see how manufacturers like Intel and AMD respond in kind, as GPUs grow even stronger.

When will the RTX 4090 Ti come out?

The RTX 4090 Ti still has no release date, however, it’s likely that Nvidia will hold off on revealing the GPU until AMD has shown all of their brand-new RDNA 3 GPUs. It’s more likely that we will be seeing lower-end RTX 40-series cards such as the 4070 first.

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