ChatGPT Pro: Price, features & how to get it


ChatGPT is reportedly getting a “Pro” option, which will cost $42 per month. This comes after OpenAI stated that it was looking for ways to monetize the AI.

Since its launch, ChatGPT has given its users oodles of functionality, helping out coders, making up stories, and even writing homework for students. But, as OpenAI deals with the success of its machine-learned AI chat tool, the company was looking to make some cash out of the understandably disruptive tech.

ChatGPT Pro features

Enter ChatGPT Pro, an enhanced version of ChatGPT that allows you to get faster responses, a better connection to the tool, and early access to new features. However, right now ChatGPT Pro isn’t available to everyone. It’s limited to a select pool of users, and some have been speaking out on their experiences.

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Developer Zahid Khawaja has access and has shared a video of ChatGPT Pro on his Twitter page.

ChatGPT Pro price

The price for ChatGPT Pro appears to be $42 per month, according to Zahid Khawaja’s Twitter page. He also posted proof of his plan, which appears to renew on a monthly basis. This means ChatGPT Pro will cost users $504 per year, though it’s likely that an annual option will appear at a slightly discounted rate later down the line.

This might not be worth it for those who want to mess around with an AI chatbot, but for those using it on a daily basis as an assistant or similar, the savings could rack up quite nicely. At $42 it is an expensive service, so we hope to see OpenAI specify more about the benefits of ChatGPT Pro later down the line.

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How to get ChatGPT Pro

To be in line to get ChatGPT Pro, you can simply access this form where OpenAI will put you on a waiting list.

ChatGPT Pro is limited to select power users only. If you use the tool a lot, you may be selected to test the new subscription. But, for most users, it’s still unavailable. This is due to it being a soft launch.

It has not been officially announced yet

ChatGPT Pro has still not been officially announced, so it’s likely that OpenAI is currently using the current crop of subscribers as a soft launch of sorts, before revealing it to the wider world. We’d hope to see a bit more clarity, as $42 is a pretty expensive subscription, and ChatGPT is a relatively unstable platform as it stands.

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With that in mind, it appears that tech companies like Microsoft are already working with OpenAI in order to bring some of the services over to its users. So, we’ll await our AI overlords a little bit longer, they have not quite taken the world by storm yet.