Nvidia RTX 5000 “Blackwell” GPUs could be released sooner than we thought

Sayem Ahmed
RTX GPU silhouette in a futuristic background

Leaker Moore’s Law is Dead claims that the RTX 5090 could arrive in Q4 2024, according to insider sources and quotes provided to the content creator.

Nvidia’s seemingly inevitable RTX 4080 Super hasn’t even landed yet, but the rumor mill continues to churn. This time, it’s about Nvidia’s RTX 5000 “Blackwell” lineup. According to sources from Moore’s Law is Dead, we could see an RTX 5000 series chip launch in Q4 2024. The full quote from one unnamed source reads:

“Blackwell (RTX 5000) is being prepared to be ready to launch in Q4 2024 if we want it to. Whether or not we do depends on how Ada (RTX 4000) sales are doing, and how competitive we believe RDNA 4 (RX 8000) will be during the holiday shopping season.”

The quote continues. “But no matter what, we are currently planning to make a big deal about RTX 5000 efficiency at CES 2025. So, either way, we will be launching next gen by the start of 2025”

So, the dates are still up in the air, but if Nvidia’s RTX 4000 series refresh expected at CES 2024 doesn’t land well, we could see a jump to the next generation in late 2024. Some cards, especially in the mid-range at Nvidia didn’t exactly hit the mark, so it’s possible that Nvidia could accelerate Blackwell plans to make up for any expected lost ground.

RTX 5000 performance leaks

RTX 4090 Ti leak

The source also divulged information on the expected performance of Blackwell. But, the leaker claims that the performance uplift will “not be as impressive” as the RTX 3000 to 4000 jump. But, since the 4090 was released as a cut-down card, it’s possible that the RTX 5090 could showcase a wider jump in performance.

Moore’s Law is Dead’s source continues to state that this will likely only be true if Nvidia’s current power crown was threatened by an AMD release. But, Nvidia could still release a faster RTX 4090 in response to that too, much like the launch of the 3090 Ti.

Ultimately, these plans are still up in the air, as one of the earliest leaks we’ve heard, a lot of Nvidia’s plans are still subject to change. We’re eagerly awaiting more information and leaks about the next-generation GPUs as we hear them, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated if we do.