Nvidia RTX 5090 & 5080 rumored to launch in Q4 2024

Sayem Ahmed
RTX 4090 hero

Nvidia’s RTX 50 series Blackwell GPUs are poised to debut in Q4 2024, a new report claims.

Nvidia’s highly anticipated Blackwell graphics cards, the RTX 5090 and 5080 might be released in Q4 2024, according to Taiwanese publication United Daily News.

Nvidia has been enjoying a huge amount of success, thanks to the tech industry’s current AI boom. This has caused Team Green’s value to skyrocket to $2 trillion. Following the rollout of its RTX 40 series graphics cards and Super refresh in early 2024, the company’s next-gen chip, Blackwell, is hot on everyone’s lips.

A release in Q4 2024 for Nvidia’s upcoming Blackwell chips might seem premature to some, but there are reasons behind the rumor.

This would mark two years since the reveal of the RTX 40 series architecture. The rationale for Team Green to launch an RTX 5080 and 5090 in Q4 2024 is to “help board card manufacturers shipments this year and drive up the average unit price of graphics card products”.

Just be mindful that these are what manufacturing partners expect, and that it’s ultimately up to Nvidia to decide whether or not to launch Blackwell this soon. As AMD is clearly preparing RDNA 4, Nvidia will want to retain its power crown, as the RTX 4090 has not been matched, even almost two years after its initial launch.

With this in mind, the RTX 50 series might also launch with new software features: With the RTX 40 series, the company debuted DLSS 3 frame generation, and it remains to be seen just what kind of AI and silicon wizardry Nvidia might be able to pull out of its hat in the months to come.