Microsoft confirms Bing AI and ChatGPT plugins will work together

Joel Loynds
bing logo with chatgpt plugins behind it

Microsoft has come forward and confirmed that Bing will be able to use the same plugins as ChatGPT going forward, including its new “Copilot” coming to Windows 11.

The AI boom is continuing to plow on ahead, with Microsoft now ensuring that its Bing AI chatbot is not left in the dust. It has been confirmed that the protocols and architecture in place to run plugins on ChatGPT will be able to cross over to Bing AI, unifying the two.

Of course, it makes sense for the two AI programs to co-exist, as GPT-4 is what currently powers Bing’s AI as well. Microsoft and OpenAI, the developers behind GPT, have joint hands after the former invested billions into the company. In a recent interview, Rodney Brooks, an AI expert, mentioned that part of the investment was cloud computing deals to ensure that the mass quantities of data could be force-fed into the AI.

Microsoft doubles down on AI investment after Bing’s success


Microsoft’s big developer event, Build, is currently happening with an extended focus on how AI is going to be changing the company’s output going forward. This includes Copilot, a new feature for Windows 11 that is set to integrate AI across the entire operating system.

This new system will also be able to use ChatGPT plugins, including those that Microsoft has already begun to integrate into Bing AI’s current state. This includes apps like the information engine WolframAlpha and the restaurant booking service, OpenTable.

Microsoft’s AI investment isn’t one that appears to be cutting off other AI bots just yet, however, Bing is still limited to being used in the app or via Microsoft Edge.

Since its launch, Microsoft has integrated DALL-E, the text-to-image generation tool from OpenAI, as well as ensuring that the AI doesn’t go off the rails as it did in the first couple of weeks. The firm has also begun to integrate the software into its Office suite, from Word to Outlook.