Bing AI can now make its own images with OpenAI DALL-E

Joel Loynds
bob ross parody of bing painting and the openai logo on the page

One of the most popular AI generation apps, DALL-E, comes to Microsoft’s brand new Bing AI after the company continues to push for first place.

It’s only been a few weeks since Bing was updated with powerful AI features, via Microsoft’s continued investment into AI. The firm, which pumped billions into OpenAI and ChatGPT, is only just coming off introducing the technology into Office and their search engine. However, the rat race never stops, as Bing will now be able to create images after being prompted.

DALL-E has been around a little longer in the public eye than ChatGPT, being released to the wider public last April. DALL-E Mini went viral thanks to its easy access and increasing accuracy with each image generated.

In the examples, conversation, and image creation are seemingly blended into one service. Microsoft is dubbing it Bing Image Creator. Currently, OpenAI has split DALL-E and ChatGPT up into different products.

Much like Bing AI, the new image creation toolset is still locked behind a closed beta-style program. Microsoft is slowly allowing more people to get in, with a few tricks to skip the queue.

Microsoft details new Bing image generator

Bing AI generating an image of an astronaut

The announcement blog also details how Microsoft is viewing this addition:

Historically, search was limited to images that already existed on the web. Now, there are almost no limits to what you can search for and create.

This runs parallel with Google’s intentions to utilize AI to generate images of products or objects in a different color.

Google’s intention is to shift people from search to website, whereas Microsoft appears to want Bing AI to provide just about everything to the user.

Yusaf Mehdi, the Corporate Vice President & Consumer Chief Marketing Officer for Microsoft, continues:

It’s like your creative copilot. Just type something like “draw an image” or “create an image” as a prompt in chat to get creating a visual for a newsletter to friends or as inspiration for redecorating your living room.

ChatGPT, OpenAI’s most popular product at the moment, recently launched version 4 and is also being trained to trick humans into solving CAPTCHA security puzzles.

OpenAI, despite its success, has run into multiple issues in recent weeks in regard to the service they’re providing. Most recently, the app was displaying conversation histories from other users in a bug that forced the company to shut off access for a brief period.