Microsoft’s ChatGPT Bing search already has over 1 million signups

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Microsoft unveiled its ChatGPT and OpenAI-powered Bing earlier this week and has amassed over one million signups so far.

Microsoft has been quick to showcase its ChatGPT-powered version of Bing earlier this week, in a move that will see the company rapidly shift to a reliance on AI after millions of dollars of investment. They first announced their plans in January, and the company has been in an arms race against Google’s own Bard AI since then.

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Microsoft’s “New Bing” gets 1 million on the waitlist in 48 hours

Fancy using the newly revealed AI search engine for yourself? You’ll have to get in line, as over 1 million users have already signed up to use the service within 48 hours of the announcement. Microsoft Corporate Vice President and Consumer Chief Marketing Officer Yusuf Mehdi revealed these figures over in a Twitter post.

Skip the queue with a few handy tricks

If you want to skip the full queue and better your chances of getting access to the ChatGPT-powered search engine sooner, you just have to follow these steps.

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However, it is likely that many others will follow suit, as members get access to the new search engine, hype around the new search engine grows even more reverent than ever. Google attempted to retaliate with its own presentation, which was deemed as pretty lackluster compared to the integrations Microsoft is currently boasting, with AI even coming to Office products by as soon as March.

The next new great frontier for tech is AI, and we cannot wait to see more companies duke it out in a battle for consumer supremacy. It’s likely that AI is the next great tech advancement, whose repercussions will likely match the impact of inventions like the iPhone. It seems that many, still, cannot wait.

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