Bing AI’s personality can be changed after brand-new update

bing ai upgrade

Microsoft’s Bing AI has been updated, now allowing you to select one of several personalities. This should help users get better responses, Microsoft claims.

The big AI rat race is fully underway, with multiple updates coming for the new AI-powered Bing. The most recent update allows users to change the tone of Bing AI’s output to better suit their needs. The change should also help the AI generate better responses for the end user.

New Bing AI update explained

BingUnsplash: @rubaitulazad

These have been split into asking complex questions, better answers, and creative inspiration. While it sounds like a new update, it’s actually something that OpenAI’s other project, Playground offers. Voice generation service ElevenLabs also offers similar tech.

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Essentially, this Bing update alters sliders for how the AI should react depending on predetermined modifiers. In Playground, you can request less “stable” responses, which may generate new results. With ElevenLabs, it changes the tone to something more aggressive to generate an angry voice.

Microsoft, clearly wary of how Bing might react after previous issues, is allowing users to select from presets that will act as these sliders seen elsewhere.

The company is calling this the “tri-toggle”, which the CEO of Advertising and Web Services for Microsoft confirmed had gone live via Twitter. He also said that it was planned to reduce Bing not replying and “hallucination in answers”.

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OpenAI continues to be a success

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has taken off in ways that people weren’t ready for. Google and Microsoft are currently chasing the dragon, with both Bing AI and Google’s Bard vying for the center of attention right now.

Meanwhile, it is expected that OpenAI will be scaling up its services with a reported 30,000 Nvidia GPUs in the near future.

Microsoft’s Bing is powered by ChatGPT, and the integration comes after a multi-billion dollar investment into OpenAI. However, Bing AI is not yet publicly ready, and you’ll have to join a queue to get access.