Bing AI is now available to everyone and it just got smarter

Joel Loynds
Bing AI now open

Microsoft’s Bing AI is now available to just about everyone, with the GPT-4 based chatbot able to do far more than its private preview version.

The new version of Bing, featuring its AI chatbot just went live to everyone. Microsoft has made a massive push to bring AI to its full suite of software, with Bing and Office being the first on its extensive list.

Bing AI has been in a private beta for the last few weeks, which you could access by signing up for the waitlist. During that time, Microsoft upgraded Bing to include three methods of generating text – creative, balanced, and precise. This came with tuning down its temperament after the first couple of weeks saw it go on unhinged rants at users.

Most recently, Bing also saw integration with DALL-E 2, allowing those in the creative mode to generate images based on a prompt.

Bing AI is built on top of OpenAI’s GPT-4 language model, bringing in a larger host of data and interactivity with the user. It is, however, currently limited behind either the Bing app on mobile or Microsoft’s browser, Edge.

Bing AI gets chat history and browsing features – if you’re on Edge

Microsoft is now outfitting Bing AI with more features, including something dubbed “Actions”. These will be able to interact directly with the Edge browser to complete tasks for you. For instance, if you have a movie you want to watch, it’ll do the legwork of finding the streaming service it is on and begin playing it.

The AI is also able to book restaurants and complete image or video searches for you, all within the chat interface itself.

A feature missing from the private preview that has made its way into the public version is a chat history. Functioning similarly to ChatGPT’s, the history will allow Bing to retrieve your previous conversations to get any information you might have missed.

With the history now in place, if you’re using Edge, ask it for a link and open it up, the chat window will persist while you browse, continuing the conversation.