ChatGPT is coming to Microsoft Office, Outlook & more

microsoft offices with the office logoPexels/Microsoft

ChatGPT and OpenAI are coming to Microsoft Office and more as soon as March, according to the latest reports. This follows a heated AI battle between Microsoft and Google earlier this week.

After unveiling a new version of Bing that incorporates AI and increasing its investment in the company behind ChatGPT, Microsoft is prepping a demo of how it will implement AI into its productivity applications.

Word, Powerpoint, and Outlook are set to get a combination of two different AI models soon. This includes OpenAI’s ChatGPT language model and Microsoft’s successor based on OpenAI’s next-generation model, Prometheus.

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The Verge reports that the demo will detail how Microsoft intends to work with OpenAI’s models to increase productivity and ease of use of their Office Suite.

An example given for plans by Microsoft is to use AI to help improve the making of graphs in PowerPoint, as the AI provided through Bing can already generate basic tables.

Prometheus is what will power Bing’s search engine, with sign-ups now hitting over a million users.

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Outlook has already had some AI implemented in testing versions, which improves searching for emails and helps out with replies. This can be seen in the enterprise Viva Sales, which Microsoft demonstrated about a week ago.

As pointed out in The Verge’s reporting, Microsoft has implemented a Bing sidebar in Office’s web version, thus technically already introducing AI into the workflow.

Microsoft vs Google in the AI rat race

The quick reaction comes after Google demonstrated its Bard AI within the various lifestyle and map apps that they provide. This included generating an inside image of a room that had only 2D photos taken of it via Google Maps.

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The Verge also reports that Microsoft is confident in its Bing AI, and feels like it can stand toe-to-toe with Google going forward.

ChatGPT and OpenAI are also continuing development, with a subscription fee now in place, called ChatGPT Plus, to increase revenue during the rat race now ahead of them.