Microsoft officially reveals OpenAI-powered Bing & Edge

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Microsoft has just revealed that it is integrating OpenAI into its Bing search engine and Edge browser, being the first company to do so.

First leaked back in January, Microsoft was set to rival Google’s iconic search engine by integrating OpenAI with their own engine, Bing.

Microsoft has since invested billions of dollars into the project, leaving many to wonder what they had up their sleeve.

During an event on February 7, 2023, Microsoft officially revealed that not only are they integrating OpenAI with Bing, but they’re bringing it to their Edge web browser as well.

Microsoft reveals OpenAI powered Bing & Edge

Thanks to The Verge live-blogging the event, we now know Microsoft’s latest plans to introduce AI into Bing & Edge.

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Using OpenAI, Bing will answer your questions directly on the right side of the traditional search results. and “prompt you to be more creative.”

“OpenAI and Microsoft have been working together for more than three years now… This new Bing experience is powered by one of our next-gen models.. takes key learnings from ChatGPT, GPT3.5,” said Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI.

Called “The New Bing,” it will run on a new next-generation language model through Open AI that is “more powerful than ChatGPT.”

Appearing to be a “copilot” alongside traditional search results, Microsoft plans on bringing it into Edge alongside a new Windows 11-esque theme.

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Similarly to ChatGPT, Microsoft’s integrations of OpenAI will allow users to use search terms like “create an itinerary for a trip to Mexico,” and will even write it all out in email form.

The new features will roll out in the coming months, and we’ll be sure to update you as we learn more about them.