How to use Bing with OpenAI & ChatGPT: Everything that you need to know

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What to know how to use the new AI-powered search from Microsoft, and what you can do with it? Here’s everything and more that you need to know.

While Google developed Bard, Microsoft decided to supercharge its search engine Bing with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Thanks to this integration, you can perform searches on Bing and “chat” with your search engine.

This unique approach by Microsoft has ensured that the Bing search engine has become way more powerful and efficient than ever before. That is not all; Microsoft plans to integrate generative chat into Office Suite, too.

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Here’s how you can sign up and start using Bing AI Chat

Dubbed “New” Bing, you can get the AI-powered browser for free. To get Bing Chat, you must ensure you’re running the latest version of the Microsoft Edge browser.

You can download the latest version of Edge manually by clicking the button below.

As of now, Microsoft hasn’t announced any plans of charging a fee for this service. Though there are some limitations that you must keep in mind. 

You can ask up to a maximum of 150 prompts per day and 15 prompts per session. Once you’ve asked 15 prompts, Bing Chat will suggest you move to a different topic.

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How to use Bing with ChatGPT

chatgpt logo ai background headerOpenAI
The AI assistant was used to quickly provide a diagnosis that vets were unable to give

Once you’ve downloaded the new Edge Browser, you can access Bing Chat in multiple ways. Once you launch the browser, the default landing page has a search box. As you start typing your query in the search box, a drop-down list shows up with Bing Chat as the first option.

It reads, “Hi, I’m Bing. Your AI-powered copilot for the web. Get started.” To access Bing with ChatGPT, click “Get Started,” a new browser window will take you to the Ai-powered chat window. You can start chatting with Bing Chat and get responses to your questions instantly.

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Alternatively, you can also go to and click on the Chat link present on the top bar. You’ll get redirected to Bing Chat, where you can choose your preferred conversation style and start communicating with Bing Chat. You can select a More creative, More Balanced, More Precise conversation style to get desired results.

How to use Bing Image Creator

Bing AI image creator chat boxMicrosoft

Apart from integrating ChatGPT into Bing, Microsoft has also integrated Dall-E-2 AI-powered image creator into Bing. This lets you create AI-powered images within your browser without needing to subscribe or sign-up for any other service.

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You can access Bing Image Create right from Bing Chat or by going to Though the interface might look different, you’ll get the same results.

Remember, getting the desired results from any conversational AI depends on the prompt you enter. The more details and accuracy your prompt is, the better your results will be.

The only prerequisite for using Bing Image Creator and Bing Chat is that you must have a Microsoft account and be logged in to it. You can create a Microsoft account by visiting if you do not have one already.

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