Is Street Fighter 6 crossplay? Cross-platform for PlayStation, Xbox & PC

Andrew Highton
ryu posing in street fighter 6

2023’s highly-anticipated Street Fighter 6 has a ton of buzz around town. But one key query looms: does Street Fighter 6 have crossplay or cross-platform functionality? We’re here to address if it will indeed feature cross-platform play for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Crossplay is a feature that the gaming world has been more than ready to embrace, offering gamers the ability to engage in exciting combat against opponents across different platforms. Meaning that potential cross-platform play for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC in Street Fighter 6 is an understandably hot topic.

Drawing on the strength of its predecessors, Street Fighter 6 is anticipated to make a significant impact on the gaming world. The game’s fan base is eagerly waiting for the answer to the question of crossplay. Simply, cross-platform features for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC would open up a whole new level of competition and camaraderie among players.

Over 35 years later and the franchise is as popular as ever lead by iconic characters. With all that being said, has Capcom made it so that it can be enjoyed across different platforms?

chun-li fighting ryu in street fighter 6 gameplay

Does Street Fighter 6 have crossplay?

It’s 100% official that Street Fighter 6 includes crossplay! Thousands and even millions of games of Street Fighter 6 will probably happen over the next few years. So it’s imperative that players can hop in and out of games very quickly, and crossplay allows for this.

Crossplay creates the opportunity for larger matchmaking pools, meaning finding a game is quicker. Not only that but there’s also the obvious benefit that you can play with friends. So, if you’re on PlayStation and your friend is on Xbox, crossplay allows you to face off.

Do we know if Street Fighter 6 has cross-progression?

At this moment in time, Capcom has given no indication as to whether or not Street Fighter 6 has cross-progression. Usually by now, devs have addressed such issues in Q&As or general social media exchanges.

However, there has been nothing on the subject just yet. The subject of the game’s beta has been the main topic of discussion close to launch. So, we’ll have to wait and see if Capcom reveals any additional information after the bet is concluded.

This is everything we know about Street Fighter 6 and crossplay and cross-progression. If you want even more knowledge when it comes to the beat em’ up title, here are more guides:

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