Is Street Fighter 6 coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Andrew Highton
zangief in street fighter 6 trailer

The highly anticipated Street Fighter 6 is just around the corner and many fans are wondering if the game will be available on Xbox Game Pass. Here’s everything you need to know about whether or not Capcom’s latest fighting game is coming to the subscription service.

Street Fighter 6 is almost here and fans will get to enjoy the new World Tour mode and take control of new and returning characters. With the game coming to Xbox and PC, many fans are wondering if the title will be available at launch on Xbox Game Pass.

After all, the subscription service offers plenty of indie and AAA games, including many day-one releases, so it’s no surprise that Street Fighter players are enquiring about this. Here’s everything you need to know about whether or not Street Fighter 6 is coming to Xbox Game Pass.

ryu posing in street fighter 6

Will Street Fighter 6 be on Xbox Game Pass?

It appears as if Street Fighter 6 will not be joining the ranks of Xbox Game Pass. There have been no signs or indications made by Capcom concerning this subject matter. Not only that, but the evidence doesn’t bode well either.

Street Fighter 6’s official page on the Xbox Store only allows users to pre-order or choose their edition. Traditionally games on Xbox Game Pass will have an icon signifying if a game will be on Xbox Game Pass – which SF6 does not.

All things considered, this all points to a definite no in our eyes. It doesn’t mean that Capcom’s fighter won’t be coming to Xbox Game Pass at some point though. Many titles wind up on the service later on down the line to give a game a nice little boost.

So, if its status regarding Xbox Game Pass does change, we’ll be sure to update this page and let you know!

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