Street Fighter 6 World Tour: Everything we know about the single-player mode

street fighter 6 world tourCapcom

The Street Fighter 6 World Tour is an exciting single-player experience for players, here’s everything you need to know about the new mode before the game launches.

One new coming to Capcom’s beloved fighting game franchise in Street Fighter 6 is the highly anticipated World Tour mode. This is single-player content where players will be able to create their own character and challenge NPCs to battle in various environments.

The inclusion of this mode is clearly Capcom’s answer to criticism that Street Fighter V lacked single-player content akin to Mortal Kombat.

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Here’s everything we know so far about World Tour in Street Fighter 6 ahead of the game’s release.

Who’s the protagonist in Street Fighter 6 World Tour?

Instead of playing as an existing character, users will build their own hero with a deep customization system referred to as Avatar Creator.

Luke constitutes the avatar’s trainer in Metro City, and Bosch comes into the picture during this time as a classmate and rival. These aren’t the only characters that players can expect to run into while navigating World Tour, though.

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What to do in World Tour mode?

While meeting new characters, players can press a button and launch into a battle on the streets. Some fights may even include specific tasks and objectives, which, upon completion, unlock additional rewards and items.

Interestingly, bystanders will crowd around for a better look at the action-packed happenings. The more battles the avatar partakes in, the stronger they’ll get. This will come in handy for leveling up the character’s stats.

World Tour also includes in-game shops that sell wearable gear like hats, shirts, pants, and shoes. Each purchasable item influences the avatar’s style, stats, and characteristics.

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street fighter 6 world tourCapcom

Because the lineup of available items will change periodically, players may want to get into the habit of regularly checking out the stores.

According to the broadcast, Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode will additionally feature various eateries scattered about. Buying food from such places increases vitality, temporarily boosts stats, and more. Better yet, some items (i.e., Energy Drinks) may prove useful during battle.

Other types of World Tour Missions

Missions obtained via the avatar’s mobile device will further expand the available options. One such mission will take players to Chinatown to learn from the legendary Chun-Li.

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Completing Chun-Li’s lessons, as well as those from other iconic characters, will unlock that respective teacher’s Master Action. Using those Master Actions to open boxes or access secret areas will offer players even more to do.

street fighter 6 world tourCapcom

Being under the stewardship of classic heroes opens the door for special missions as well, which increases the bond between the avatar and their teacher. Gift-giving serves as another option, though it seems reactions to this behavior may vary.

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Finally, users should expect some World Tour NPCs to randomly pop out of the woodwork for an ambush. At that point, the World Tour-exclusive feature “Drive Stall” comes into play, unleashing a brief period where time slows down. Master Actions become more powerful as a result, too.

There you have it! That’s everything you need to know about World Tour mode in Street Fighter 6. For more content on the game, check out our guides below:

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