Rainbow Six Siege crossplay: Platforms and everything we know

Dokkaebi watches as Rainbow Six Siege adds cross-play in 2021.Ubisoft

Ubisoft has confirmed Rainbow Six Siege will finally be getting crossplay in the near future, but it’ll be rolled out in stages. Here’s everything we know.

After years of asking Ubisoft for the feature, Rainbow Six Siege fans are close to getting crossplay enabled in the game to let them team up (and headshot) players on other platforms.

The feature has had a staggered rollout so far, but the end is in sight — although a recent delay means it’s not imminent.

Here’s everything we know about crossplay in Rainbow Six Siege so far.


Rainbow Six Year 7 RoadmapUbisoft
Cross-play is expected in Y7S4.

Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay on PC

PC players can already enjoy crossplay, albeit only with Siege owners playing on Google Stadia or Amazon Luna.

Ubisoft hasn’t confirmed as yet whether players will be able to team up or take down their friends on PlayStation or Xbox if they’re playing on PC, Stadia, or Luna just yet.

Rainbow Six Thorn reloading gunUbisoft
PC players can crossplay with cloud gaming counterparts, but not console ones.

Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay on Console

PlayStation and Xbox crossplay will be added to Siege eventually, though, with Sony and Microsoft console owners able to play against each other as soon as the end of 2022.

A tentative date of early 2022 had been penciled in, but Ubisoft are still working on the technology behind the scenes. As a result, the release of crossplay was delayed to the end of 2022 — and is expected to drop as part of Y7S4.

Both console families already support cross-generational lobbies. The console cross-play will continue to support that, meaning PS4 and PS5 players will be united with Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players.

Ubisoft also revealed cross-progression will debut at the same time as console crossplay.

Rainbow Six Mobile HUDUbisoft
Rainbow Six Mobile will not have crossplay with Siege on PC and console, for those asking.

Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay on Mobile

With the announcement of Rainbow Six Mobile, some players are curious about whether Siege players on PC and console could crossplay with their handheld counterparts.

For now, the answer is a firm no. Rainbow Six Mobile only has access to a limited selection of Operators and maps, and the game was basically built from the ground up to be perfectly optimized for the smaller devices.

It’s unlikely we’ll ever see crossplay between Siege on PC / Console and its mobile counterpart.