Does Rainbow Six Siege have crossplay? Crossplay for PC, PlayStation & Xbox explained

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Dokkaebi watches as Rainbow Six Siege adds cross-play in 2021.

Rainbow Six Siege is available on a number of platforms but does the game have crossplay features across consoles and PC, and how does the Mobile version fit into the mix? Here’s everything you need to know about crossplay in the beloved Ubisoft game.

One of the most popular multiplayer FPS experiences on the market is Rainbow Six Siege, a game full of unique operators to control, interesting maps to memorize, and plenty of exciting moments you’ll want to replay.

The competitive title is available to play on multiple platforms including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC but you may want to know if it features crossplay, and if so, how it works in the game. With that in mind, here’s everything we know about crossplay in Rainbow Six Siege.


Solis in Rainbow Six Siege
Console players can now access crossplay in Rainbow Six Siege.

Does Rainbow Six Siege have crossplay?

Yes, Rainbow Six Siege does feature crossplay on PC and consoles however there are some caveats to the way the feature works depending on your platform of choice.

If you’re playing on PC, you can join crossplay with others who are playing the game on Amazon Luna, however, you won’t be able to team up with friends on PlayStation or Xbox consoles.

Crossplay on consoles

Siege players on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X can team up with others on console with crossplay, and this includes cross-gen support so if you’re on PS5 you can play with friends on PS4, and it’s the same for current and last-gen Xbox players.

Crossplay for PlayStation and Xbox consoles was added to the game at the end of 2022 after years of fans requesting the feature. Cross-progression was also made available for consoles when crossplay was added so you can freely carry your progress over between consoles and PC.

Rainbow Six Mobile HUD
Rainbow Six Mobile will not have crossplay with Siege on PC and console, for those asking.

Rainbow Six Siege Mobile crossplay

Some fans may be curious about whether or not Rainbow Six Siege Mobile will feature crossplay between PC and console.

For now, the answer is a firm no. Rainbow Six Mobile was essentially built from the ground up to be perfectly optimized for smaller devices, and it’s fairly unlikely we’ll ever see crossplay between Siege on PC / Console and its mobile counterpart but if crossplay between other platforms does make its way to the mobile title when it fully launches, we’ll be sure to update this page to let you know.

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