Can you play Street Fighter 6 on Steam Deck?

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Looking for the answer to whether or not Street Fighter 6 is on Steam Deck? You’re not alone. Gamers worldwide are intrigued about this potential combination of Valve’s latest handheld device and the newest installment from Capcom’s legendary fighting game series.

The prospect of playing Street Fighter 6 on the Steam Deck is an exciting one. Melding Capcom’s phenomenal fighting title with the flexibility of Valve’s portable powerhouse is a concept that’s sparked the interest of the gaming community. With its potent combination of high-octane gameplay and portable convenience, it’s clear why this particular query is trending in the gaming world.

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Using the demo, and looking at previous betas, Capcom wants Street Fighter 6 to be played by anyone, and that includes Steam Deck users. The game runs without any need to alter versions of Proton or make heavy changes and sacrifices to get that much-needed 60FPS performance.

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Is Street Fighter 6 on Steam Deck?

Keeping this sort and sweet, yes, Street Fighter 6 can be played on the Steam Deck. It obviously doesn’t quite perform at the same capabilities as PS5 or Xbox Series X, for instance. However, it’s great news for fans of Street Fighter 6, as well as Steam Deck users.

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Best settings for Street Fighter 6 on Steam Deck

Street Fighter 6 doesn’t support the 800p aspect ratio on the Steam Deck, so you’ll have to put up with a couple of black bars. However, being limited to 720p isn’t too bad, as it’s already a great start to get the most performance out of the device.

For Street Fighter 6, you want to change only a few settings in the “Basic” and “Detailed” graphical menus. In the “Detailed” settings, we turned down everything to Normal. However, you can tune the game to have “High” graphical effects. Though, for those spooked about consistent framerates, you can freely adjust it to be lower.

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In “Basic” graphical settings, we turned off Motion Blur, Screen Space Reflection, and Ambient Occlusion. Further down, you want to also turn off the Depth of Field Effect. While these will reduce some quality of the visuals, nothing else matters other than getting that solid, smooth 60FPS.

While we suspect that the autodetecting of settings is a little generous, the game can be played with a vast majority of graphical settings on high or above. However, in our testing of the demo, we found this could cause you to hit anywhere between 45FPS and 55FPS during intense sequences – something unacceptable for a game like this.

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Street Fighter 6 relies heavily on every user being near enough the same for performance, to keep matches fair. There’s only so much legwork a server can do if you or your opponent is hitching due to bad PC settings.

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