When are Warframe crossplay and cross-save coming?

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After years of requests, Warframe is finally testing out crossplay for Xbox and PCs while cross-save is also already on the horizon. Here’s everything we know.

Warframe may have begun life as a relatively focused title full of space ninjas carving through enemies in fairly confined environments, but developer Digital Extremes is constantly reinventing it. We’ve had locations, Warframes, and entirely new gameplay mechanics added to the game including space combat.

One thing fans have been begging for, though, is cross-play and cross-save functionality. The good news is that both are coming soon to the game with the developers currently testing the former for Xbox and PCs in a public environment. Here’s all we know about Warframe cross-play and cross-save.

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Soon you’ll be able to take your Warframe roster to any platform.

When is Warframe getting crossplay and cross-progression?

After the announcements in TennoCon 2022, Digital Extremes confirmed that internal tests for Warframe’s cross-play features were conducted over the last year. However, the biggest update came in September 2022 when cross-play was released for public testing on Xbox and PCs.

The first round of the public test was shut down by Digital Extremes rather abruptly and without any prior notice. However, the second round of testing is currently underway for you to test and provide feedback.

If you play Warframe on either a PC or Xbox, you’ll be able to turn on cross-play by toggling the Cross-Platform Play option in the Settings menu. Nevertheless, there are a few things that you need to remember about cross-play before jumping into Warframe. These points include:

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  • Warframe cross-play doesn’t support Dojo, Conclave, Friends, and Voice Chat.
  • You will not be able to Trade or Gift items to players on different platforms.
  • Cross-save is currently not available in Warframe but according to the developers, it soon will be.

There’s everything we know about cross-play and cross-save in Warframe so far. For more on the game, be sure to check out our other guides at Dexerto.

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