Warframe cross-play: How to link accounts on all platforms & cross-save update

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After years of requests, Warframe finally has cross-platform play, but cross-save is coming soon.

Warframe may have begun life as a relatively focused title full of space ninjas carving through enemies in fairly confined environments, but developer Digital Extremes is constantly reinventing it. We’ve had new locations, Warframes, and entirely new gameplay mechanics added to the game including space combat and open-world areas.

One thing fans have been begging for, though, is cross-play and cross-save functionality. The good news is that cross-play is finally here, and we have a small update on Warframe cross-save, too. Here’s all we know about Warframe cross-play and cross-save, courtesy of Digital Extremes.

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Soon you’ll be able to take your Warframe roster to any platform.

Warframe cross-play: How to play across PlayStation, Xbox, Switch & PC

As of December 2, 2022, Warframe has cross-play functionality. After much testing across various platforms, Digital Extremes has finally rolled out the feature across PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

How to link platforms

You can link your accounts on Digital Extremes’ website by heading to the login page. Once you’re in, you can link accounts (and Twitch Prime) for access to your friend list across platforms.

How to enable cross-play

To toggle cross-play in Warframe on or off, just head into the Options menu, and look at the bottom of the page for the option.

How to join friends

You can party up with friends using Squad matchmaking, so you’ll be able to join your teammates or invite them as you would if you were on the same platform.

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You can meet in Relays or visit Dojos, although the devs have said there’s an issue with heading into Dojos in a cross-platform squad which can be avoided by inviting players once you’re already in the Dojo.

Digital Extremes has mentioned this on their support page, too:

“To help identify players who have the same name across different platforms, everyone has been assigned a numeric suffix. This suffix is only necessary when you are looking to invite someone into your squad or chatting with players who have the same name. You can always find your suffix by visiting your Profile in the game menu.”

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When is Warframe getting cross-save or cross-progression?

Sadly, there’s no cross-progression or cross-save just yet, so your roster of Warframes and weapons is still restricted to wherever you play right now.

Digital Extremes is working on it, though, and had the following to say:

“Cross Platform Save is not currently available, but we will keep the Community updated on when they can take part in Cross Platform Save as Cross Platform Play development continues.”

There’s everything we know about cross-play and cross-save in Warframe so far. For more on the game, be sure to check out our other guides at Dexerto.

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