Will Street Fighter 6 have microtransactions?

Andrew Highton
manon art trailer in street fighter 6

As the launch of Street Fighter 6 looms closer, the mystery of microtransactions remains. To try and answer this question, here’s everything we know about their status in the game.

The questions surrounding the possible inclusion of microtransactions in Street Fighter 6 continue to create waves in the game’s community. Everyone is waiting eagerly for the official word on the beat ’em up’s association with microtransactions.

Anticipation for the release of Street Fighter 6 has officially reached a fever pitch. As the launch of Street Fighter 6 looms closer, the mystery of microtransactions remains. Capcom were not afraid to include them in Street Fighter 5, so let’s review their possible status in the sixth mainline entry.

chun-li looking at camera in street fighter 6

Does Street Fighter 6 have microtransactions? Drive Tickets explained

It does appear that Street Fighter 6 will indeed incorporate microtransactions into the game in the form of a Drive Tickets currency.

Street Fighter 5’s Fight Money currency proved to be very controversial with the community. But in the Street Fighter 6 beta, we saw the debut of the new Drive Tickets. They allowed you to acquire new clothes and cosmetics for your characters.

We’ll have to wait and see if they have any different or additional functions when it comes to the full launch of the game compared to Street Fighter 5’s Fight Tokens.

We also know that there will be a new yearly pass for players to purchase that will come with content such as new characters. Each recent Street Fighter title has had a lifespan of a few years, and we’d expect Street Fighter 6 to be no different.

That’s all we know about microtransactions in Street Fighter 6. If you want more info regarding the rest of the game, check out our other guides:

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