Where to find Pyloon Saloon cantina DJ in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

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Pyloon’s Saloon is Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s cantina that can be found on Koboh. Cal is encouraged to make it more boisterous by recruiting characters, but you can also add a DJ too. To get the cantina bouncing with some amazing tunes, our guide will show you the way.

In between all the franticness of battles and boss fights, a trip to Koboh’s Pyloon Saloon is always welcome. Between its gardening possibilities and Holotactics mini-game, it’s a fun place to visit. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor pushes Pyloon’s Saloon as a sort of hub for the game.

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Greez’ cantina can be expanded upon to grow its population as long as Cal puts in the work. As well as adding new faces, you can also spruce the place up a bit with some thumping bass.

If you want to recruit a DJ for the Cantina in Survivor, our guide will show you how.

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How to find the cantina DJ in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

After you’ve started Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s ‘Musician and their Droid’ side mission rumor, the DJ can be found in the Harvest Ridge area of Koboh’s vast expanse.

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The rumor will only unlock once you’ve spoken to Monk at Pyloon’s Saloon after completing the Forest Array story mission in the main campaign.

Once it’s listed on your map, head to the area of the rumor and you can find Ashe Javi and her musical companion DD-EC up a path and next to a yellow wheel.

They will be standing next to each other, so you just need to approach them and speak to them. After a brief conversation, they will inform Cal that they’ll be heading to Pyloon’s Saloon. Upon your next visit, DD-EC will have set up on the stage as the resident DJ from that point onward.

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