Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: The Flame mission list

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A screenshot from the game Marvel's Spider-Man 2

In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, there are a lot of side activities including The Flame mission, which takes a substantial amount of time to complete. So, here’s a full mission list for this engaging side quest.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is an open-world game and you will often come across several side quests while swinging around New York. Some of these side quests are very basic, while others are layered with rich story elements.

One such side quest that you will come across midway in the story is The Flame. In this quest, you will come across a mysterious character called Wraith. As such, Peter will discover that The Wraith is trying to put an end to the cultists of The Flame.

The Flame has been creating trouble around the city as they have burned down buildings, and blown up tankers. Wraith has been waging war against The Flame, but the way they have been doing it, is causing more harm than good.

Here is a list of all missions that are part of The Flame side quest.

A screenshot from the game Spider-Man 2
The Flame is a valuable sub-mission in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

All The Flame missions in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

The Flame side quest triggers once you complete the “Amends” mission in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. You will get a call from Chief Clarke and your first mission will begin. The list of missions that you will have to complete is provided below:

Mission namePre-requisite missionRewards
Where Have You BeenAmends2x Hero Tokens, 200 Tech Parts, 1000 XP
Everything BurnsScience Buddy4x Hero Tokens, 250 Tech Parts, 1200 XP
I Knew You Had It In YouThe Flames Have Been Lit6x Hero Tokens, 300 Tech Parts, 2000 XP
It Was Meant For MeTrouble With Harry8x Hero Tokens, 400 Tech Parts, 3000 XP, Saving Lives Suit for Peter

You need to meet multiple prerequisites to get access to the missions. Firstly, you need to finish the original mission of The Flame sub-quest. Secondly, you will have to progress the main story and finish certain quests to unlock the next part.

This quest is only available with Peter, which means Miles is off the books. Moreover, the rewards for this quest are quite good. Hero Tokens and Tech Parts are always valuable, and the experience will help you to get closer to the maximum rank.

The Wraith in Spider-Man 2
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 adds a new grey character to the game.

The Flame side quest story details

The Flame mission begins once you get a call from Chief Clarke. In this quest, your job is to put an end to the chaos being caused by a ruthless cult. However, you also come across a new masked vigilante in town, known as The Wraith.

This vigilante has been waging war against a cult leader called The Flame and his band of cultists. The problem is that their methods are quite extreme. Therefore, your task in this mission is to stop both The Flame as well as Wraith from causing any more damage to New York City.

Lastly, the story of this side mission is worth your time as it ends with a big reveal. Therefore, it is worth embarking upon while you are swinging through your adventures in New York City. As a side note, be prepared to face some really tough enemies, and bosses in this mission.

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