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Five characters rumored for Smash Ultimate’s Fighters Pass Volume 2 DLC

Published: 29/Jul/2020 0:12

by Michael Gwilliam


With five more characters set to come to Super Smash Bros Ultimate as part of Fighters Pass Volume 2, it’s possible that we already know who they are based on leaks and rumors.

Smash Ultimate’s roster is one for the ages, with 76 total fighters at the time of this posting – meaning that when it’s all done, there will be 81.


Ever since Solid Snake and Sonic joined the Brawl roster, it seems anyone could be next in line to fight alongside the likes of Mario, Link, Donkey Kong and other Nintendo mascots.

Here are five characters that could be rounding out the second fighters pass based off of comments by devs, leakers, voice actors and more.


Dante – Devil May Cry

Dante from Devil May Cry
Will Dante finally be added to Smash?

Capcom’s gun and sword-wielding badboy has been a fan favorite for some time, and there’s a good chance that he ends up making the cut.

The big rumor comes from a January 2020 interview where V’s voice actor, Brian Hanford, appeared to claim that Dante “is going to be” in Smash. Since then, many have expected an announcement, but it hasn’t come to fruition just yet.

Additionally, in a 2019 interview, Devil May Cry Director Hideaki Itsuno explained how he felt DMC would need some presence on Nintendo for Dante to be added to Smash. Since then, several games have made their way onto the Switch.


Rayman – Rayman Series

Rayman in Smash
Ubisoft has been vocal about wanting Rayman in Smash.

Ubisoft has been one of the most vocal video game companies when it comes to wanting representation in Smash Ultimate.

Back when Byleth was revealed as DLC fighter five, Ubisoft poked some fun at the Fire Emblem character using their app “Sam” – similar to that of Amazon’s Alexa. When asked about Smash Ultimate, Sam would respond, “Super Smash Bros Ultimate recently announced the final DLC character in its first Fighters Pass: Byleth from the little-known franchise called Fire Emblem. That’s right, another one.”

“Here’s hoping Rayman will be part of the next Fighters Pass,” the message would conclude. It’s important to note that game developers can play a factor in getting characters in Smash – after all, Hideo Kojima had to ask Sakurai to add Snake.


Ryu Hayabusa – Ninja Gaiden

Ryu in Smash Ultimate

The ninja warrior first began being rumored as a potential addition when YouTuber ‘IAmShifty,’ who previously leaked Animal Crossing’s Isabelle, Incineroar and Ken, claimed Ryu Hayabusa would be the coming to Smash.

While Hayabusa has yet to be announced with Terry Bogard, Byleth and Min Min coming out since, multiple “sources” have told the YouTuber they still expect him to join the fight eventually.


Given Ninja Gaiden’s history on Nintendo consoles, it’s certainly still very likely that he ends up making the cut down the line.

Doom Guy/Slayer – Doom

Doomslayer kills Bowser in Smash Ultimate
Fans are still eager for Doomslayer to come to Smash.

Doom Slayer has been a popular candidate for a long time, and it’s clear that the Eternal developers really want to see their boy in Smash, as well.

Speaking with Metro, Doom Eternal’s director Marty Stratton revealed they reached out to Nintendo about putting Doom Guy in Smash.

“I don’t even know who talked to who, but we’ve bantered with them,” he said. Only time will tell if that banter will actually lead to fans finally getting their wish of seeing Doom Slayer in Ultimate.

Kingdom Hearts’ Sora or Halo’s Master Chief

Sora from Kingdom Hearts with Goofy and Donald Duck
Square Enix
Nintendo apparently reached out about getting Sora in Smash.

Sora is a character that Nintendo reportedly actively tried to get permission to add to Smash.

According to games journalist Imran Kahn, Nintendo “approached Disney about [getting Sora as a Smash Bros character] once.” However, Disney Japan specifically prevented it from happening.

While Kahn didn’t rule out Sora completely and things may have changed since then, he stated that in his opinion, it would either be Master Chief or Sora as the “big” Fighters Pass moment.

As we saw with Banjo in Smash, Microsoft is more than willing to work with Nintendo on projects. While neither character is a lock, the fact that Kahn has inside info about the inner workings at Nintendo is definitely a good sign for fans of either character.


Hungrybox demonstrates why Steve is so “busted” in Smash Ultimate

Published: 18/Oct/2020 20:02

by Bill Cooney


Minecraft’s Steve has finally arrived in Smash Ultimate, and players are busy familiarizing themselves with his move set. It has so much potential, streamer Juan ‘Hungrybox’ Debiedma had no other way to describe it than “broken.”

Steve and the rest of the Minecraft fighter skins joined Smash in early October, and have definitely been making waves ever since.


His kit is one of the most unique in Smash, requiring players to mine for materials by hitting the stage with the pickaxe in order to get the most power out of his moves.

If they are fully-charged, those abilities can put some serious hurt on opponents, which Hungrybox discovered almost immediately while trying out the character on stream.


“He’s crazy, he’s actually crazy man. Busted,” the Smash pro argued. “You have to be constantly building and mining, but once you get a diamond, you’re good.”

Diamonds are used to upgrade your weapons, which increases Steve’s melee attack power significantly. Even though he lacks a ton of range, the Jigglypuff main noted, he more than makes up for it with the amount of damage he’s able to put out.

One of the most impressive combos shared by Hungrybox has to be what’s known as the ‘Thanos Car’ where Steve sets up two blocks then deploys his minecart to bounce between them. Time it just right, and you’ll be able to catch enemies coming off the ledge with a fully-charged hit after breaking one of the tiles.


The fact that this combo already exists is a testament not just to Steve’s power, but the creativity of the Smash community as a whole, who definitely waste no time experimenting when a new fighter hits the scene.

Steve might be an absolute powerhouse, but that doesn’t mean his rollout didn’t have a few hiccups as well. Like one very annoying bug that sends opponents through the map when facing off against him, as if he needed any more help winning.

While he seems incredibly powerful now, it’s only a matter of time (hopefully) before players like Hungrybox start working on ways to counter the Minecraft star. Still, we can already tell that nasty down smash will definitely cause its fair share of tilt in matches going forward.