Dragon Ball Sparking Zero fans have major issue with the “biggest roster ever”

Michael Gwilliam
majin vegeta attack in sparking zero

A new trailer for Dragon Ball Sparking Zero unveiled at Battle Hour confirmed the game will feature a mammoth roster larger than any game in the series, but fans are concerned it may be padded.

The latest Dragon Ball Sparking Zero trailer featured a battle between Goku and Vegeta with the two Saiyans transforming multiple times during their skirmish, ending with a tease of the fighter select screen.

In total, 164 character spots made up the image with more expected to crop up once DLC is released further down the road once the game releases. However, some fans feel the size of the roster is somewhat inflated.

So far, of the 40 fighters revealed, over half are variants of Goku and Vegeta with more transformations expected for other characters too.

Dragon Ball Sparking Zero fans concerned roster is packed with Goku and Vegeta

Despite the trailer exciting fans, many were a bit put off by just how many roster spots Goku and Vegeta are taking up, with the Saiyans amounting for 24 characters with their transformations.

“This REALLY concerns me, because I HOPE it doesn’t pull that Dragon Ball FighterZ sh*t where a transformation takes up a character slot, which I really hated,” one fan stated.

“My concern is that with 164 slots (including transformations), how many cuts are we gonna see from BT3?” another chimed in. “If they’re gonna include relevant Super and Daima characters, they’re gonna need to cut quite a lot.”

“It’s not huge at all when there are 37 version of Goku, 22 Vegetas etc. It’s not 164 unique characters. Which it easily could be!” someone else remarked.

Other characters such as Cell, Frieza, Trunks and Buu will also likely feature multiple variants as well, so keep expectations in check when it comes to the number of unique fighters.

Insiders claim Dragon Ball Sparking Zero will have over 164 fighters

Leakers DBSHype and Geekdom101, however, eased some concerns. According to the insiders, DLC content will expand upon the 164 character slots once the game is out.

“DLC will open up many more slots. DLC will likely feature some new people introduced in Daima, including Goku & Shin’s 2 new travel partners (not revealed publicly yet) and some of the villains,” said YouTuber Geekdom101.

Geekdom had previously shared accurate information about Sparking Zero’s roster prior to the announcement along with details about the upcoming anime Dragon Ball Daima before it was officially revealed.

“Thought I’d mention, this information was given to me by same source who told about KAKAROT DLCs. Get ready for the biggest roster of all time!” exclaimed DBSHype.

We’ll have to see what Bandai Namco has in store for Sparking Zero, but expect a lot more Dragon Ball news in the near future as we anxiously await an update on a release date.

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