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Ubisoft really wants Rayman in Smash Ultimate Fighters Pass Vol 2

Published: 26/Apr/2020 17:39

by Michael Gwilliam


A hidden message on the Ubisoft Club app seems to suggest that the French video game developer wants Rayman as a playable character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

A screenshot taken from the application has been circulating online showcasing how Ubisoft’s “Sam” – a video game AI similar to Alexa – responds when asked about Smash Ultimate.

Sam responds by saying, “Super Smash Bros Ultimate recently announced the final DLC character in its first Fighters Pass: Byleth from the little-known franchise called Fire Emblem. That’s right, another one.”

The reply is super cheeky given the controversy over Byleth with many Smash fans annoyed at Nintendo adding yet another Fire Emblem character to the game. It also tells us that the reply was added to Sam’s responses awhile ago, as Byleth was revealed on January 16, 2020.

After hyping up the Ubisoft-themed Mii fighter outfits, Sam ends the response stating: “Here’s hoping Rayman will be part of the next Fighters Pass.”

While a couple of screengrabs taken from the Ubisoft app have appeared online, the response in the Ubisoft Club App seems to have been recently changed.

Ubisoft Club App
Ubisoft’s message about Smash seems to have changed.

Now, when asked about Smash Ultimate, Sam will simply say that it “cannot give news about every single game in the world.”

It’s unclear if the response was changed due to the Byleth comment being outdated or if Ubisoft themselves were not happy with the programmed reply. Nonetheless, Ubisoft has gone on record in the past stating they would like Rayman in the game.

Rayman has been around since 1995.

In a 2015 tweet, referencing Smash on Wii U, the Ubisoft account wrote that while the company wants Rayman in Nintendo’s fighter, they were “very pleased to have 3 trophies in the game.”

Rayman first debuted in 1995 and has been a regular franchise on Nintendo consoles, ranging from the Game Boy Color to the GameCube, Wii and most recently the Switch.

Ultimate’s Fighters Pass Volume 2 will consist of six additional characters with the first already revealed to be from the ARMS series. Only time will tell if Rayman ends up joining the roster in any capacity, especially with many other developers asking for representation.


Smash Ultimate voice files hint at upcoming DLC fighter

Published: 22/Oct/2020 18:54

by Michael Gwilliam


Super Smash Bros Ultimate still has four characters yet to be announced for the Fighters Pass Volume 2, and a new theory may help narrow down their identities.

When looking at the voice files in-game, there are five empty slots. Looking back at the first Fighters Pass, after Terry Bogard’s release, there were two spots remaining, which ended up going to the male and female forms of Byleth.

Upon Steve’s release, the voice files didn’t change, suggesting that something similar could be happening with a future fighter.

As Andree123 explained on the SmashBoards forums, “there are currently 5 empty voice slots in the voice clip section of the sound test menu as of 9.0.0.”

Smash Ultimate voice files
Voice theory was first suggested prior to Byleth’s release.

“This means we are most likely getting a fighter with a different character/opposite gender alt with a different voice in the Fighters Pass vol. 2,” they added, but noted that it’s still possible we don’t end up getting one at all.

Of course, it’s actually even a possibility that another fighter ends up being just like Steve and doesn’t take up a voice file. This could eventually result in two fighters having female and male variants or even a fighter with three variants.

Really, there are a lot of different outcomes based on this theory, but the fact it has a proven record make it nothing to scoff at or dismiss.

Male and female Byleth
Many fighters have female and male variants.

If we are in fact getting a future fighter with female/male alternate costumes or maybe even two male/female voices, Resident Evil could be a good fit.

Leon S Kennedy with either Claire or Chris Redfield as an alternate costume would certainly work given the franchise’s history on Nintendo consoles.

Another option, given how Crash Bandicoot has been rumored, is that we get Coco from Crash 4: It’s About Time as an alternate costume.

Crash Bandicoot in his 4th game
Crash in Smash? It’s about time.

On the flip side, although unlikely, this could suggest there will be another DLC release after Fighters Pass Volume 2.

Only time will tell if this theory holds up, but it certainly raises some interesting questions about future downloadable content.