Five fighters from franchises we don’t want to see as Smash Ultimate DLC

Michael Gwilliam
Putt-Putt in Smash Ultimate

[jwplayer apa2cPQs]Ever since Nintendo revealed Sonic and Snake were coming to Smash back in the days of Brawl, it seems like any video game character under the sun has the possibility of joining the fight, which has become both a blessing and a curse.

While fans are obviously often overjoyed when a character from a beloved franchise gets the nod from Nintendo to join their flagship fighter, there have been several misses over the years, leaving some wondering what the dev team was thinking.

For all the Clouds and Banjos in Smash, there are also the fighters that seem to have no place in the game such as Duck Hunt, Wii Fit trainer and even most recently-added, ARMS.

Here is a list of five characters from franchises we DON’T want to see get a represented in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Milon – Milon’s Secret Castle

Milon shouldn't be in Smash Ultimate
Milon would not be a good Smash fighter.

The best thing about this NES game is that it inspired a classic Angry Video Game Nerd episode. That’s pretty much it.

Developed by Hudson Soft, Milon’s Secret Castle has players control Milon and try to navigate a castle filled with hidden areas that can only be accessed by shooting bubbles and performing cryptic actions.

Considering this game’s lack of popularity in the modern era, the character would be a horrible DLC fighter.

Putt-Putt – Putt-Putt Franchise

Putt-Putt on the moon
For his part, Putt-Putt has been to some crazy worlds.

While there’s already a car-like fighter in the game with Bowser JR, Putt-Putt would be a weird addition.

The educational game series has, amusingly, seen Putt-Putt go to almost as many exotic locations as Mario, including the moon, and in only fraction of as many games.

As awesome as it would be to see the characters alongside M-Rated characters such as Bayonetta, this would be too strange. Luckily, it’s unlikely to ever happen.

Haunted House – Rollercoaster Tycoon

Haunted House from Rollercoaster Tycoon
Can you imagine fighting the Haunted House from Rollercoaster Tycoon in Smash?

Let’s be honest, Haunted Houses as better left as obscure bosses in JRPGs like Final Fantasy 7 and not characters in fighting games.

While Rollercoaster Tycoon is a fantastic franchise that has had some bumps in the road over the years, no one wants to see it or the Haunted House ride in Smash.

The Haunted House isn’t even that popular of an attraction in the game, so we can only imagine how poorly-received it would be if it ended up in Smash.

Lester – Lester the Unlikely

Title screen for Lester the Unlikely
Lester is unlikely to be in Smash Ultimate.

Lester is an unlikely pick for Smash, but given the fact that the game debuted on the SNES, there’s definitely a possibility that, maybe somehow, this strange title gets through.

This side-scrolling Super Nintendo game from Visual Concepts had players take control of the geeky character Lester after falling asleep on a boat and end up on an island.

The game was notorious for its bad controls, lack of continuity and poor gameplay. After all, Lester isn’t exactly an action hero.

Any Fire Emblem character – Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem Warriors screen
Please, Nintendo. No more Fire Emblem fighters.

We know, picking this is sort of cheating, but come on – does anyone really want yet another Fire Emblem fighter in Smash Ultimate?

The reception Nintendo got when Byleth was announced was incredibly bad, partly because there are already so many Fire Emblem representatives in Smash already.

If Nintendo must give us another sword fighter, there are many better ones such as Dante from Devil May Cry or Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Enough is enough.

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