Every Smash Ultimate fighter reimagined as LEGO

Smash Ultimate fighters Mario, Cloud, ROB and Ryu as LEGONintendo/Reddit/Yuunohu

The Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster is one of the largest ensembles in video game history, basically being the gaming equivalent of Avengers: Endgame. Now, the entire cast, including its six DLC fighters, have been brilliantly reimagined in LEGO form.

The stylish reconstruction of the Smash cast was done by Redditor ‘Yuunohu’ using a program called Bricklink Studio.

With some help from the program and his mad skills, every member of the game’s current 76 fighter roster ended up being designed in the style of the LEGO Brickheadz series.

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Some of the standouts include Cloud Strife, who comes equipped with his Buster Sword, Olimar with his three Pikmin and ROB, who absolutely deserves an official LEGO redesign.

Pokemon Trainer’s design is neat too, with Charizard, Ivysaur and Squirtle all included alongside him.

Min Min’s addition as the 76th fighter is a nice way to cap it off, as her ARMS even have the dragon attachment.

Even though these LEGO creations were made with a program, it is possible for fans to actually make some of these themselves. It should just be noted that the limited palettes for many pieces make a direct replica near impossible.

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Terry Bogard as a LEGO characterReddit/Yuunohu
Terry Bogard looks more than just OKAY in LEGO.

However, as Yuunohu further explained, anyone wanting to try their luck with the program is free to do so.

“Studio is suuuuuper versatile, with a huge parts list and has a built-in rendering program,” Yuunohu clarified in the comments.

With Min Min’s addition to the collection and the roster, there are still five more characters to come as part of Fighters Pass Volume 2.

ARMS Min Min as LEGOReddit/Yuunohu
Min Min is armed and dangerous as LEGO.

Thus far, there’s no sign of who exactly the remaining cast will be, but given the fact Smash Ultimate has everyone from Solid Snake and Bayonetta to Banjo and Joker, the possibilities are limitless.

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Hopefully, whoever the next few fighters are, their LEGO recreations end up being as amazing as the first 76 designed by Yuunohu.

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