Devil May Cry voice actor says Capcom star is coming to Smash Ultimate


A Devil May Cry 5 voice actor may have revealed a bit too much information when asked about Super Smash Bros during a podcast earlier in January.

Brian Hanford, who voices V in Devil May Cry, revealed he absolutely loves Super Smash Bros and plays Ultimate from time to time while in the AMA podcast.

One of the hosts then asked Hanford if he saw rumors regarding Dante being added to the Smash Bros roster as DLC down the line. Instead of responding directly to the question, he began talking about how he started playing Devil May Cry when he knew he was going to be part of it and how he wants his character of V in Smash. (timestamp 6:21)

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“This is what kills me about it,” Hanford confessed. “I’m (V) a new character. So I’m not in the DMC lore enough to ever be considered for Super Smash.”

According to the voice actor, having V in Nintendo’s flagship fighter or Marvel vs Capcom would be his “ultimate life goal.”

“To be part of Marvel vs Capcom or Super Smash Bros would be huge, which is what Dante is going to be,” the voice actor seemed to reveal.

NintendoCould Dante be DLC Fighter 5?

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While Hanford tried to make the case for V being added to Smash he may have revealed a bit too much info and confirmed Dante’s inclusion in the process.

Smash leaker Sabi, who posted about the interview on Twitter, did note that while he deconfirmed Dante as DLC Fighter 5, it’s possible that the Devil May Cry protagonist could be coming as future post Fighters Pass content.

“What’s interesting to note is that this could either be a joke, weirdly worded speculation, or a major contract breach,” Sabi noted.

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As we have previously noted, Devil May Cry Director Hideaki Itsuno never ruled out Dante coming to Smash. In a February 2019 interview with VG 24/7, he explained that he felt DMC would need some sort of history on Nintendo before Dante could make the cut.

Since then, the Capcom hack-and-slash has been ported onto the Switch with a special edition of the third installment arriving February 20.

It will be interesting to see if Dante does in fact get added as future DLC or if he does in fact end up being the mysterious fighter 5. A Nintendo Direct is speculated to arrive later in January with a fighter announcement.