New Smash Ultimate DLC soon? Leaker hints at August Nintendo Direct

Michael Gwilliam

[jwplayer 6Glq7oFz]An established Nintendo Direct leaker with a credible history has suggested that there could be a direct in August, and with new rumors, it’s possible that a Smash fighter could be revealed, as well.

In a post on Resetera speculating when the next Nintendo Direct will be, prominent leaker ‘King Zell’ chimed in, writing that it won’t be in July.

“The main event [is] not in July, or the one more stop before the main event not in July?” one user asked, seemingly referring to a general Nintendo Direct while quoting King Zell’s remark.

“Wait for August,” the leaker responded. “Nothing for the rest of this month.”

Zell says there could be a Direct coming
It seems like there could be some sort of Direct in August.

Notably, there was a very small Direct Mini partner showcase on July 20 that had been leaked ahead of time, too. Unfortunately, it was met with mixed results, and wasn’t the major direct that many had hoped for.

While the leaker didn’t delve further into their “wait for August” statement, another prominent insider, ‘NateDrake,’ chimed in that Nintendo “will be leaning on Mario pretty hard this holiday.”

With 2020 being Mario’s 35th anniversary, it has been rumored or even confirmed by Eurogamer that remakes of Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy are being remastered. This could very well be what NateDrake was referring to.

NateDrake comments on Direct
Leaker NateDrake says to expect some Mario stuff.

However, it also seems like if a Direct were to happen, it wouldn’t be a general one; NateDrake also wrote that he has “not heard of any General Direct for the month of August,” and doesn’t believe there will be one.

That said, when asked about the possibility of a Mario-specific Direct in August, he was much more positive and suggested it could happen.

NateDrake comments on August direct
NateDrake doesn’t think there will be a general Direct in August.

With all this Nintendo Direct discussion, it should be noted that a Smash Ultimate fighter is also rumored to be revealed.

As Dexerto previously reported, it seems possible that a new Smash Ultimate fighter is going to be announced soon, as there are a bunch of signs adding up.

Will there be a Mario Direct?

For one, the Smash website was updated, removing the “new” label from the last fighter, ARMS’ Min Min. This normally only happens if a new fighter will be announced.

Additionally, Pokken is undergoing a free trial for Nintendo Switch Online members that lasts until August 4. In the past, Fire Emblem and ARMS had free trials before their DLC fighter was announced for Smash. Chances are that a Pokemon could be DLC 7.

It’s also possible that, given all of the Mario-related news we’ve been expecting, that the next character ends up being from Mario in the form of either Geno or Waluigi – two fan-favorites who are often top requested fighters in fan polls.

In any case, we’re just going to have to wait and see what happens. As always, take all of this news with a grain of salt until we get solid confirmation.