Tekken 8 DLC 1: Leaked characters & rumors

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Though Eddy has been announced for DLC 1, datamining has revealed the likely picks for the remainder of DLC pack 1 and even some of DLC 2. Here’s everything we know about Tekken 8’s DLC characters.

While the starting roster is always a hot topic of conversation in a fighting game – especially one as prestigious as Tekken 8 – there will always be a keen eye on future additions. Most fighting titles nowadays continue to receive backing in the form of DLC additions.

This helps to keep the roster looking stacked and the game feels fresher. Mortal Kombat 1 already has extensive DLC plans in place, for instance. So what is Tekken 8 going to do now that the game has finally been released? Let’s find out.

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Tekken 8 DLC leaks & rumors

One thing is for sure, Tekken 8 will be getting DLC sometime in the future.

This was confirmed by Katsuhiro Harada himself – Director of the game and a long-time talent working behind the scenes on the franchise.

In a tweet discussing guest stars, Harada said that the team “Do not plan to develop guest characters first.” This inadvertently implies that DLC is coming, but they won’t be focusing their efforts on outsider characters such as Mortal Kombat 1’s Homelander or Peacemaker DLC.

This is supported by datamining that has revealed the likely return of many Tekken 7 characters. Fighters like Lidia and Fakhumram came onto the roster pretty late into Tekken 7’s life cycle, so it should be no surprise that they’re coming back.

According to datamining, here are three of the characters we can expect from DLC 1 on top of Eddy:

  • Lidia
  • Marduk
  • Fakhumram

Additionally, these characters are likely to join the roster in Season 2:

  • Armored King
  • Anna Williams

None of these picks are too surprising considering they’re returning from prior entries in the series, but it’s still exciting for longtime fans of the series to maybe be getting their mains back. We’ll update as we get more info on Tekken 8’s DLC.

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