Resident Evil 4 remake Spinels: What are they & how to get more

Sam Smith
Spinels in RE4 remake

Spinels have a very different use in the Resident Evil 4 remake when compared to the original. Here’s what you need to know.

In the original Resident Evil 4, Spinels were a fairly common treasure that you could collect and sell for a modest amount of cash. However, in the Resident Evil 4 remake, these little treasures are far more valuable and serve a very different purpose.

Below, we’ll explain exactly what their purpose is and how you can acquire more Spinels in the Resident Evil remake. This time around, Spinels are a favorite item for the ever-popular Merchant. How’s how Spinels are different in the RE4 remake and what to expect.

Merchant store RE4
The Merchant has a second store where Spinels are the currency.

What are Spinels in the RE4 remake?

In the Resident Evil 4 remake, Spinels are more than just a treasure you can find lying around the game. They’re also a form of alternate currency that can be used to purchase items that “money can’t buy” at the Merchant’s store.

For example, a number of Spinels can be used to purchase more gunpowder, a First Aid Spray, and even a new gun or upgrade part. Every item has a different value with some things requiring only one Spinel to buy and others requiring as many as 30.

While certain items in this alternate store are common, others are exclusive to it and cannot be found in the game world or purchased with Pesetas. Therefore, it’s worth spending your Spinels wisely.

How to get more Spinels

You can find Spinels in breakable boxes and scattered around the game world in the Resident Evil 4 remake, but the easiest way to get them is to complete side missions. These missions come in the form of the Blue Requests which are available throughout the game, sometimes near the Merchant’s stand.

Completion of a side mission rewards the player with a set number of Spinels (often three of them) which can then be either saved or spent depending on what’s required.

If you’ve got Spinels in your inventory, but nothing in the store takes your fancy, then hold on to them as the Merchant frequently gets new items that will come in handy later on.

Your Spinels also carry over into New Game Plus, so don’t worry if you beat the last boss before spending all of them. They’ll be waiting for you when you start your second journey.

A request form for Blue Medallions in Resident Evil 4 Remake
Blue requests lead to side missions.

Best items to buy with Spinels

Most items available for purchase in the Merchant’s Spinel-only store are general things such as treasure, ammo, and health, but he does also offer some exclusive (and super helpful) items that are worth saving your Spinels for. Here’s what we’d recommend:

Treasure Maps – These cost just 1 Spinel each and are incredibly useful tools. There are 3 different Treasure Maps in the game and each one will not only tell you where all the treasure is hiding, helping you make more pesetas, but they’ll also help you find the Blue Medallions and other side quest objectives. Buy as soon as you can.

Exclusive weapon and upgrades – There are a few parts you can buy for your guns that enhance their performance. There is a stock for the TMP and Red 9, scopes for your rifle, and laser sights for your pistols. You can also buy the Punisher, a more powerful pistol that is great at shooting through multiple enemies. Each of these items is exclusive to the Spinel store, so prioritize these over ammo and health.

Upgrade tokens – They may cost 30 Spinels, but these tokens will allow you to buy the exclusive and unique final weapon modifications early, without fully upgrading a weapon. While this may seem like a lot of Spinels to spend, you may reach a point when you no longer need to spend them on ammo, health, and weapon parts. When this happens, it will make a weapon you’re still in the process of upgrading much more powerful.

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