Huge Resident Evil discounts: Save on Village, 4 Remake & more

Joel Loynds
resident evil leon, chris and village villain Lady Dimitrescu in a collage

The entire Resident Evil series has been discounted across multiple stores. Here are the best deals to get some scares in.

Amazon, Walmart, Gamestop, as well as digital stores like Humble and Xbox, have up to 75% off the entire Resident Evil franchise.

This includes the excellent Resident Evil 4 Remake and its even better original version. The original version is one of the best games ever made, hands down. Its blend of Resident Evil staples and a much faster-paced action theme creates a deep tension throughout.

The remake, however, is a faithful reimagining of the original’s scenarios with some modern touches. Moving and aiming? A luxury!

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Those wanting a semi-split from the main Resident Evil story might also want to dive into the series’ first-person adventures with 7 and Village.

While it does eventually dip its toes back into the world of Chris Redfield and the wider Resident Evil story, it’s just a good excuse for newcomers to head back into the now much cheaper games.

The Resident Evil franchise gets deep discounts across the board

Resident Evil is a powerhouse franchise, and it’s routinely included in many big sales. However, these prices are some of the lowest we’ve ever seen attached to the games. If you’re after a truly frightening experience, we highly suggest you check out Resident Evil’s original Remake.

Also available for $4.99 for Xbox consoles at Gamestop and Xbox Direct.

Once an exclusive on GameCube, the game is now actively playable wherever a controller may exist.

Despite being 22 years old, the reimagined Spencer Mansion still manages to throw us off every time that dog bursts in. It also presents a bigger challenge, as zombies you don’t burn or decapitate are set to come back later on as Crimson Heads.

You should still play Resident Evil 6

One odd recommendation for those who work their way through the whole franchise – including the excellent remakes of 2 and 3 – should absolutely try Resident Evil 6.

The game is not good in comparison to where the series went after, or what came before. However, it’s such a bizarre oddity, that we can’t do anything but recommend it. It tries to liven up the now stale third-person shooter genre it revolutionized by trying something new.

There are a lot more movement options, and its weird attempts to slim down inventory management aren’t so bad to get your head around.

Just be sure to play it on the easiest settings if you decide to play it alone. The NPC companions are more of a hindrance than helpful, but the ridiculous quick-time events and bombastic action it provides are certainly something to play with your buddies.

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