Resident Evil 4 DLC: Separate Ways, Assignment Ada & more

Sam Smith
Ada Wong in RE4 remake

The original Resident Evil 4 featured two adventures called Separate Ways and Assignment Ada where you could play as Ada Wong, but will the Resident Evil 4 remake feature either as DLC?

Ada Wong is back in the Resident Evil 4 remake and her role is largely the same, although her ending is expanded. In the original game, Ada had her own small mission called Assignment Ada that unlocked after the main campaign was completed. This was just a short level in which Ada needed to make it from one side of RE4’s Island fort to another, battling enemies and bosses along the way.

When RE4 was re-released on PS2, Xbox, and PC, a second mission for Ada was added to the game, one that expanded her role and explained what Ada was doing while Leon was saving Ashley. This was called Separate Ways and was considerably longer and more detailed than Assignment Ada. It was also canon and emulated Leon’s campaign in many ways.

The question is, will Assignment Ada and Separate Ways return in the Resident Evil 4 remake as DLC?

Ada Wong inSeparate Ways
Separate Ways tells the RE4 story from Ada’s point of view.

Does RE4 Separate Ways have a release date?

While Ada’s campaign wasn’t included in the base game of Resident Evil 4, Separate Ways will be released on September 21, 2023, on all platforms. So far, there’s been no word on if Separate ways will be a free or paid DLC.

The original Separate Ways wasn’t included in the original Resident Evil 4 when it was first released on the GameCube, as the mission was only added to the game in later versions. Therefore, it makes sense for the mission to be released as DLC.

As in the original RE4, the church tower in the village collapses at a crucial point in the game – seemingly for no reason. Those who played Separate Ways will remember that it was Ada who caused this to aid Leon from afar, and therefore, Ada is still following her Separate Ways story in the RE4 remake, which gave some fans a clue that the mode was coming.

While Separate Ways has been confirmed by Capcom to be Resident Evil 4 DLC. There’s been nothing confirmed about Assignment Ada, however, Separate Ways replaces that mission in many ways, so it makes sense for only that larger content to be included as RE4 DLC.

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