Rainbow Six Osa guide: loadouts, tips & tricks for Crystal Guard attacker

Want a new style of shield operator in Rainbow Six Siege? Osa is your gal in Operation Crystal Guard. The new Croatian attacker boasts transparent deployable shields to help her team push the objective. Here’s how you can master her.

It seems odd having an attacker with deployable shields, but for Team Rainbow’s 31st attacker Osa, it makes sense.

The two-speed, two-armor operator brings a new style of ‘defense’ to the offence, with her Talon-8 Shields freeing her up to be more than just a “big wall” like Montagne or Blitz. She’s plenty flexible, and has some explosive firepower to back up her defensive palmares.

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Before you get your hands on her, be sure to soak in our ultimate guide to Osa with the best tips and tricks so you can jump into Operation Crystal Guard with confidence.

Rainbow Six Osa shield Operation Crystal GuardUbisoft
Osa is launching as Rainbow Six’s newest attacker in Operation Crystal Guard.

Osa loadout: weapons and gadgets

Osa’s loadout isn’t the most exciting out of the recently released operators ⁠— it’s not like Thunderbird getting access to the Spear assault rifle. However, it still packs a punch with some iconic Siege weaponry.

She has access to either Thermite’s 556XI assault rifle or Jackal’s PDW9 SMG. While they’re not amazing, the 556XI is one of the best-to-control assault rifles in Siege, and is a very handy pick for newcomers.

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Her PMM sidearm is also very trusty when it comes down to it, but you shouldn’t really run into any trouble with her primaries.

In case you wanted to play her like Blitz (more on that below), she has Stun Grenades as a choice of secondary gadgets. While it’s not as strong as Claymores, it’s great for a laugh ⁠— and situationally (against picks like Aruni) can be very handy to push onto a site.

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Primary weapons

  • 556XI
  • PDW9

Secondary weapons

  • PMM

Secondary gadgets

  • Claymores
  • Stun Grenades

Use your shields to protect planters

Of course, on attack, deployable shields have a much narrower purpose compared to defense. However, Osa’s Talon-8 Shields can be very helpful in a pinch. They serve one great purpose, and that’s defending planters.

As Osa, you should look to get onto site first and drop your shield down so your allies can plant behind it in a safe spot.

You also can’t plant like a Montagne or Blitz can either, spinning around to protect yourself from defenders. This is because Osa doesn’t store her shields on her back. Therefore it’s better to whip out a shield and stand in front of a planting ally, or deploy it entirely, to keep them safe.

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Rainbow Six Osa shield deployed on windowUbisoft
Setting up a Talon-8 Shield on rappel makes for great post-plant cover. Just mind for runouts.


Make use of her powerful kit to break onto site

While it’s not explosive in the literal sense, Osa can very quickly break onto sites with relative safety thanks to all the tools in her arsenal.

Defenders can’t shoot through her shields, so if you walk in while crouched, it’s no different to walking onto site as a Blitz (just minus the flashes). You can still throw your own if you opt to take Stun Grenades.

Baiting the enemy before whipping out the 556XI to finish the job is an easy way to get a man advantage. Just be mindful of the swap timing between her shield and her gun, as that’s when you’re most vulnerable.

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Rainbow Six Osa holding shieldUbisoft
You can hold your shield like a Montagne or Blitz if you so choose.

Try not to die early

This is a pretty simple tip that can apply to all operators, but for Osa, it’s especially so. Most of her utility lends to helping attackers defend post-plants, so if you die in the early round without deploying any shields, your team is left at a significant disadvantage.

You should be sure to drop one of your two shields early ⁠— even if it’s just on a window while rappeled so your allies have a sight line they can abuse.

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Osa launches with Operation Crystal Guard, joining Team Rainbow on August 18 on the TTS.