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Rainbow Six Operation Crystal Guard details: Y6S3 operator leaks, map rework

Published: 20/Jun/2021 8:30 Updated: 20/Jun/2021 8:01

by Andrew Amos


Rainbow Six Year 6 is raging on, and Operation Crystal Guard is next in line. After the launch of Operation North Star, players are looking forward to the next update, set to introduce a new defender, a handful of map reworks, and more.

Sick of Operation North Star already? Even though it was only just released, the Siege community is already looking forward to the next reveal.

Leakers have jumped onto the case, uncovering the first details about Rainbow Six Y6S3, reportedly named Operation Crystal Guard. Here’s what we know so far.

Operation Crystal Guard operator details: Osa

The first details about the next Operator to join Team Rainbow have been slowly leaking ahead of Y6S3. We already knew they’d be from Croatia, thanks to the Year 6 reveal. However, we now have a name; well, at least a leaked one: Osa.


Leakers have revealed that Osa is a defender, joining forces with the latest release in Thunderbird. They are reportedly a shield operator, wielding the “Talon-8 Shield” which can be destroyed.

Whether it’s a deployable one or part of Osa’s kit like Clash remains to be seen.

Operation Crystal Guard map reworks

Note the “s” on the end of reworks there. Ubisoft promised during the Year 6 reveal back in February that Season 3 would include multiple smaller map reworks.

The exact maps in question are yet to be revealed or leaked. However, there’s at least a simple way of ruling some maps out. Anything that’s recently been reworked, like Favela or Border, or is going to be reworked, like Outback in Season 4, is off the cards.


Maps like Bank, Clubhouse, Coastline, Tower, and Fortress haven’t been touched in a while. While some are incredibly popular, most could do with a refresh. We will let you know once the map reworks are confirmed heading into Operation Crystal Guard.

Clubhouse rainbow six rework
Clubhouse could be one of many maps receiving a mini-rework in Y6S3.

Operation Crystal Guard release date

An exact release date for Rainbow Six’s Operation Crystal Guard hasn’t been revealed yet. We do know the North Star battle pass finishes on August 30, and typically the dates line up with the next major.

Given it’s meant to be held in August in North America, that August 30 date could ring true. It might be a bit after that, with an August reveal and a September release, but we will update this piece.