The best Prime Day deals are not on Amazon: Best Buy & more

Prime Day deals exploding with the best buy and walmart logos bursting out of it

Best Buy and a wealth of others are doing their own Prime Day deals, with some of the killer deals outdoing Amazon at their own game.

Prime Day is huge, with millions of dollars sold during the two days it comes around each year. It’s clear that the other stores want a piece of that pie, and this year is no different. Best Buy, Walmart, and other stores are running their own sales, with some of the deals besting Amazon’s efforts.

From tech, games, and all the other goodies, let’s dive into some of the best deals from each store.

Best Buy “Black Friday in July” deals

Best Buy is running its “Black Friday in July” campaign until the end of the day, which includes some cracking deals for those looking to spruce up their gaming. On top of this, fans of toys and tabletop games like Magic: The Gathering, might also find something new for their collections.

Laptops and PCs

There’s a fine selection of prebuilt PCs and laptops this “Prime Day” at Best Buy. The store has whacked prices down by the thousands in some cases, with a few deals not found on Amazon.

That includes the excellent last-gen Asus ROG Zephyrus 14″ laptop. It comes with all AMD components, which should let you squeeze that bit more battery life out of it before needing to charge. There’s 16GB of DDR5 RAM and a 1TB PCIe 4.0 SSD for all your games.

In terms of power, the Zephyrus’ AMD Ryzen 9 6900HS is a solid choice for almost any modern game, while the AMD Radeon RX 6800S GPU is positioned between an Nvidia RTX 3070 and 3080 laptop chip in terms of power. No joy in hitting a decent framerate in some more demanding games?

FSR 2.0 supersampling will pull you out of any nasty pinches, as will Intel’s XeSS, taking this laptop farther than it ever should.

Save up to $600 on LG, Samsung or Sony TVs

Need a new TV? Best Buy’s bread and butter is partially TVs. As expected, they have some great deals on a massive selection from some top brands. A few of these can be found on Amazon as well, but there’s always room for more.

Apple deals

A lot of the Apple deals on Best Buy match with Amazon’s. However, if Amazon were to run out of stock, at least there’s a chance to catch some last-minute and rare discounts over at Best Buy.

Deals like these don’t come along all that often, so it’s best to hop on them as and when they appear.

Up to 30% off LEGO

Feeling the need to build something? Missing a particular piece to your LEGO city or maybe you just want to pretend to fly a spaceship (with whooshing noises, we won’t tell)? Well, Best Buy has some great deals on LEGO for you, kids, and of course, those of all ages.

Huge savings on video games

It’s time to catch up on your backlog, right? Wrong, it’s time to add more games to the pile, as Best Buy has some wild savings. Soul Hackers 2, Persona 5 Royal, and… the JoJo Siwa game are all on sale, along with plenty of others.

Walmart Plus week deals

You didn’t think Walmart would let Amazon just steamroll over them, did you? Most of these deals might require Walmart+ to take advantage of them, but it’s also 50% off at the moment. The subscription nets you access to some good deals, with extra savings on big-ticket items.

Get a Nintendo Switch OLED with Mario Kart 8 for just $375

The Switch OLED brings a whole new dynamic to the portable gaming system. Colors and images pop, especially in a game like Mario Kart 8. There’s $25 off this bundle if you’re a Walmart+ subscriber.

PC gaming hardware gets hundreds of dollars slashed

Need some new kit for your PC setup? Well, it seems Walmart has your back here, as the store has taken a massive knife to the price tags for a tonne of hardware. Monitors, keyboards, and components have all seen reductions.

Highlights include Razer Huntsman keyboards with $45 off, or the excellent Logitech G Pro X mouse having $50 shaved off. Even AMD’s processors, 7700X and 7600X are seeing steep discounts.

Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop with RTX 4050 gets a $110 price cut

It’s a budget gaming laptop with a decent mid-range spec, for $889. What’s not to love? The RTX 4050 might not be the strongest laptop GPU available, but it does pack a secret weapon: DLSS 3. In our testing of the card above it, the 4060, we saw massive increases in performance for nearly any game we threw at it and the same will go for the 4050.

A combination between DLSS 3 and the rather good i5-12500H CPU onboard should drown out any concerns about underperforming specs.

Walmart cuts price on Xbox Series S with a controller

The Xbox Series S is one of our favorite consoles from this generation. Its small size and focus on digital gaming make it a wonderful little gaming jukebox of sorts. Walmart has cut $40 off its controller bundle, making it the perfect way to jump into those cracking multiplayer games on Game Pass.

B&H Photo Summer deals

The photography-focused New York store secretly, and regularly, has some of the best deals in the game. We’re talking M1 Max Apple MacBooks with $1400 off, or some of Samsung’s fancier TVs like The Frame or Terrace getting $1000 off.

$1400 off MacBook Pro 14 with an M1 Max

Looking for some real power, at a fraction of the cost? This MacBook Pro 14-inch with an M1 Max is $1400 off. It packs a serious punch, especially with 64GB of RAM onboard as well. This will shred through your productivity tasks and makes us incredibly jealous – our M1 Pro with 16GB of RAM cost nearly the same back in 2022.

Don’t be frightened of it being last-generation hardware, as the M1 Max is ludicrously powerful and an absolute killer chip for anyone serious about content creation.

Save $3000 on an 8K LG TV – along with thousands off others

TV purchasing seems to happen a lot around massive sales. It’s probably because retailers like B&H dangle a huge carrot in the form of an incredible 8K TV with $3000 off. This deal puts it back into the price range of some high-end 4K TVs but with a monstrous addition of 8K resolution baked in.

If that’s still a little bit rich for your blood, B&H also has a slew of TVs with anything from a few hundred bucks off to thousands slashed from the price.

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