Skyrim and Elden Ring modder working on adding Nvidia’s DLSS 3

Joel Loynds
Elden Ring but green, because Nvidia DLSS

PureDark, a modder who works on getting supersampling into unsupported games, has revealed he’s working on a DLSS 3 mod for Elden Ring and Skyrim.

A modder, PureDark, has revealed via their Patreon that they’re currently working on getting Elden Ring equipped with DLSS 3. Nvidia’s tech is currently not supported in the game, leaving people without assistance when using the newly introduced ray tracing options.

The modder, PureDark, is known for their work on bringing the various supersampling options from Nvidia, AMD, and Intel to games that didn’t originally include it. Their biggest claim to fame is their work on Skyrim, which brought the game some much-needed additional support.

In a Reddit thread discussing the new mods, one user said that PureDark’s work is required to run their 4K texture packs.

Elden Ring post on Patreon

However, PureDark is finding some trouble with DLSS 3 at the moment. According to them, the new frame generation technology is causing the created frames to behave weirdly. It also seems that the actual quality of the game has taken a huge dive.

As of right now, the mod will not be released, as PureDark currently digs for additional answers as to why their work isn’t syncing up with Elden Ring’s animations.

They plan to work with Skyrim before continuing with Elden Ring. The DLSS 2, FSR, and XeSS implementations were released last December on Nexus Mods.

What is DLSS?

DLSS, or Deep Learning Super Sampling, is Nvidia’s supersampling tech. It allows RTX graphics cards to blow up a lower-resolution image to a much bigger scale utilizing a combination of deep learning algorithms.

For gaming, this means that users can run the game at much higher resolutions and framerates than originally intended by the specs in their system.

DLSS 3 also introduces frame generation, which utilizes the algorithms to “look ahead” and provide the user with the frames before they’re rendered in real-time. This takes the work off of the GPU so that it can be better used elsewhere.

PureDark’s issue with frame generation seems to be that the animations within Elden Ring aren’t lining up well. This causes ghosting and other graphical glitches that can disrupt the gameplay experience.

Cyberpunk 2077 currently utilizes this method to support its ongoing investments in ray tracing and its Overdrive mode.