Amazon Prime Day 2022: Best game deals for console & PC

Prime Day Games

Prime Day game deals are usually either incredibly good or a little bit of a whiff. We’re here to ensure that you get the best!

Looking to save a few dollars on games across all consoles and PC? Well, you’re in luck, as Amazon’s Prime Day game deals are here already in some cases. Things like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and even some Nintendo first-party games have seen some reductions leading into the big sale.

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Don’t fret about the whiffs we mentioned before though, as we’ll be fishing through the various deals available to ensure that you get the best of the best.

Be sure to check out our main Prime Day hub page, where you’ll find a tonne of other deals. If you want a running feed through the day, follow us on Twitter (@DexertoDeals) which will get deals to you faster!

Console deals

There are some very limited-time Xbox Series S deals going on right now, in which you’ll be able to get a pair of SteelSeries headphones. Save up to 16% on all these:

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Nintendo games Prime Day deals

Nintendo’s games rarely come down in price in the way you’d expect, but the other titles that get released by everyone else? Those come way down in price. However, this time there are some real deals to be found, and this list will only get longer through the event.

Xbox games deals

Game Pass is great and all, but sometimes those games vanish. While we’ll indicate which games are currently available on Game Pass in our list (just look for the little asterisk), be sure to keep an open mind – especially if you have the Series X and a disk drive.

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PlayStation games deals

The magic of the PlayStation 5 is that we can include all the little weirder titles that sprung up on the PS4 too. Sure, we could do that as well on Xbox One, but we all know that didn’t have the same love and support from our friends overseas. We’ll also indicate if anything is on the new PlayStation Plus rebrand, but again, keep in mind that if you’re on the disk drive version, you could have the game permanently.

PC Prime Day game deals

This is the weirder one out of the bunch. While the PC games here should come as a digital code, we did just have a massive Steam sale. We’ll keep our eyes out for anything that’s interesting, but for the most part, it’ll be the usual suspects that crop up here.

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