Where to buy Pokemon TCG Shrouded Fable Illustration Collections

Em Stonham
Pokemon Shrouded Fable SIC box product photo with mochi background.

Shrouded Fable is an upcoming Pokemon TCG special set, following up Twilight Masquerade and Night Wanderer. It’s going to feature several fan-favorite Pokemon, like Pecharunt and Greninja, and there are some high-value products to pick up if you’re a collector.

Two of the most interesting products that were announced for this special set are the Kingambit Illustration Collection and the duo of Special Illustration Collections. They feature some stunning promo cards, alongside Booster Packs and digital code cards for Pokemon TCG Live.

Here’s where to grab the Illustration Collections from Pokemon TCG Shrouded Fable. Please note – this expansion set is not out yet at the time of writing, so details are subject to change.

Where to buy Shrouded Fable Special Illustration Collections

Shrouded Fable Pokemon TCG Illustration Collections.
Greninja ex and Kingdra ex Special Illustration Collections from Pokemon TCG Shrouded Fable.

There are two Special Illustration Collections to choose from in the Shrouded Fable special set. One features Greninja ex and the other features Kingdra ex. They both come out on August 2, 2024.

Both boxes come with 3 promo cards (one being a full-art holofoil with the featured Pokemon), 5 Booster Packs, and a code card for Pokemon TCG Live. There aren’t any notable differences between the boxes other than the featured Pokemon and promo cards. You can get these items at:

It’s important to highlight that the Best Buy listing we’ve linked to is for random Special Illustration Collections. This means you will be assigned either Greninja ex or Kingdra ex at random, so if there’s a particular one you want, hang on until more retailers join the pre-order line-up.

Additionally, Magic Madhouse is based in the UK. They’re a fantastic store but shipping may take longer depending on your location.

The Greninja ex full-art card has been revealed, showcasing a stunning woodblock-inspired art style. The Kingdra ex full-art promo was revealed alongside a beautiful Tapu Bulu card, too.

Where to get the Shrouded Fable Illustration Collection

Shrouded Fable Kingambit Illustration Collection.
Kingambit Illustration Collection from Pokemon TCG Shrouded Fable.

If you’re hunting for a slightly more affordable Shrouded Fable collection, the Kingambit Illustration Collection is the perfect pick for you. It comes with 4 Booster Packs instead of 5, but still features stunning promo cards and a code card for Pokemon TCG Live.

Pawniard, Bisharp, and Kingambit all hold their own in Pokemon TCG matches, so there’s some fun to be had with deck-building here. You can grab the Illustration Collection at:

Much like the Special Illustration Collections, this product will release on August 2, 2024. The only Shrouded Fable product that won’t come out on this day is the Booster Bundle, but the other items like Blister Packs and the Elite Trainer Box will be out in early August.

If you’re excited about this upcoming release, make sure to check out our full guide to the special set to learn everything we know about it so far. Special sets are always good to keep an eye on as a collector, especially if you’re someone who values niche, rare Pokemon cards.

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