“Absolutely incredible” Pokemon card revealed from Shrouded Fable

Em Stonham
Houndoom Pokemon card with anime background.

Shrouded Fable comes out on August 2, 2024, and Pokemon TCG collectors have been excited about this special set release ever since Night Wanderer hit the market.

The Pokemon Company has been keeping players on their toes with a steady stream of card reveals leading up to the August release, and the latest Illustration Rare reveal on the official Pokemon TCG X account has collectors hyped.

Houndoom (066/064) was unveiled in a recent post by TPC, showcasing the sheer talent of TCG artist Taiga Kasai and matching the mysterious art style of Shrouded Fable perfectly. Excited Pokemon fans in the replies praised the card as being “absolutely incredible”.

Houndoom Shrouded Fable Pokemon card.
Houndoom (066/064) Pokemon card.

This card looks like it could hold some weight in a match. It’s got a high HP pool for a Stage 1 Pokemon and has relatively Energy-efficient Attacks that could swing the tide of battle.

More specifically, Snarl is a mighty Attack that deals 100 damage and only costs 3 Energy. When this is used, your opponent’s next turn Attacks deal 100 less damage – before Weaknesses and Resistances are applied.

This Attack combined with the fairly standard, 50-damage Bite makes Houndoom a viable Fire-type to have on hand in a match. With the right Energy management, this could be an early-game sweeper or even a Stall assist, thanks to the Snarl potential.

On top of this, the card may end up being one of the most valuable from Shrouded Fable based on the art style and fan reaction.

One excited Pokemon TCG player on X dubbed it, “One of the best cards in the Scarlet and Violet era”. Others chimed in with their thoughts, with some feeling that the art “went hard” and others saying that the design looked badass.

Whether you’re more of a Pokemon TCG player or a card collector, it’s safe to say that there’ll be something for you to get excited about in Shrouded Fable. Make sure to check our pre-order guides for the Elite Trainer Box and other goodies, and have a look at the stunning new art style, too.

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