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Pokemon Go Stardust Challenge rewards & how to get more Stardust

Published: 1/Dec/2021 12:54

by Daniel Megarry


The Season of Heritage Stardust Challenge has arrived in Pokemon Go, giving Trainers the chance to unlock some excellent rewards including a cute Deino Hat for their avatar.

A new season in Pokemon Go means plenty of new features to enjoy, whether that’s a shake-up of the current Raid Bosses or events like the Swinub Incense Day. There will also be a new Timed Research challenge to complete each month!

The first Timed Research for the Season of Heritage is a Stardust Challenge, which requires Trainers to collect as much Stardust as they can throughout December. There are multiple stages to get through, with each one offering greater rewards.


So whether you’re looking to stock up on Ultra Balls or unlock that adorable Deino Hat for your avatar, you’ll find all of the rewards on offer in the Stardust Challenge, as well as details on how to unlock them, below.


The Season of Heritage logo in Pokemon Go
The Season of Heritage’s first Timed Research quest is here!

Pokemon Go Stardust Challenge tasks & rewards

Here are all of the tasks and rewards you can earn in the Season of Heritage’s Stardust Challenge:

Task Reward
Collect 500 Stardust 10 Poke Balls The Season of Heritage logo in Pokemon Go
Collect 1,000 Stardust 10 Razz Berries A Razz Berry in Pokemon Go
Collect 3,000 Stardust Rhyhorn encounter Rhyhorn in Pokemon Go
Collect 6,000 Stardust 15 Pinap Berries A Pinap Berry
Collect 10,000 Stardust Onix encounter Onix in Pokemon Go
Collect 15,000 Stardust 25 Poke Balls A Poke Ball
Collect 20,000 Stardust 15 Nanab Berries A Nanab Berry in Pokemon Go
Collect 30,000 Stardust Staryu encounter Staryu in Pokemon Go
Collect 40,000 Stardust 20 Great Balls A Great Ball
Collect 50,000 Stardust 2 Silver Pinap Berries A Silver Pinap Berry in Pokemon Go
Collect 60,000 Stardust Alolan Exeggutor encounter Alolan Exeggutor
Collect 70,000 Stardust 25 Ultra Balls An ultra Ball
Collect 85,000 Stardust Deino encounter Deino in Pokemon Go
Collect 100,000 Stardust 5,000 XP The XP symbol in Pokemon Go
Collect 120,000 Stardust 1 Lucky Egg A Lucky Egg in Pokemon Go
Collect 120,000 Stardust Deino Hat Avatar Item A Deino avatar hat in Pokemon Go

You’ll only have until midnight on December 31, 2021, to complete this Timed Research challenge and claim all of the rewards on offer, so make sure you unlock everything you want before then.

While most of the rewards have been seen before, the Deino Hat is a brand new item. If you don’t manage to unlock it, Niantic have confirmed it will be available to purchase in the Shop at a later date.


How to get more Stardust in Pokemon Go

A tube of Stardust next to the Pokemon Go logo
There are loads of ways to boost your Stardust in Pokemon Go.

Earning all of that Stardust is going to take you quite a while, but there are quite a few different ways to earn more Stardust that should help you complete this special Timed Research quest a little bit faster.

Here’s how to earn more Stardust in Pokemon Go:

  • Catch wild Pokemon, especially evolved forms as they offer more Stardust.
  • Hatch as many Eggs as you can (Super Incubators will do this a lot faster).
  • Open the max amount of Gifts you can every day, as they can contain Stardust.
  • Find and complete all Field Research tasks that give you Stardust.
  • Win battles in the Go Battle League, where Stardust is often a reward.

If you’re looking to grind for Stardust in Pokemon Go, check if you have any spare Star Pieces first. Using these will boost the Stardust you earn by 50% for 30 minutes, which is great for stocking up fast.

You’ll also earn double Stardust for every ‘first catch of the day’ you get throughout December, so make sure you log in and catch at least one Pokemon every day to make the most of this limited-time bonus.


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