Pokemon Go players slam 12km Eggs as “biggest scam” in the game

A 12km Egg in Pokemon GoNiantic

Pokemon Go players are calling on Niantic to make changes to the hatch pool in 12km Eggs after constantly getting low-tier hatches like Skorupi and Absol instead of rare Pokemon.

Eggs are one of the best ways to get rare species in Pokemon Go. These loot box-like items range from common 2km Eggs through to rare 12km Eggs (also known as Strange Eggs), with potential hatches usually becoming rarer at higher distances.

That’s how it’s supposed to work, but many Trainers are finding that they end up getting common Pokemon from even the highest-tier Eggs, making their time and effort (and money, if they purchase Incubators) feel like a waste.

A 12km Egg inside an incubator in Pokemon GoNiantic
12km Eggs take a long time to to get in Pokemon Go, and ages to hatch.

This is especially true for 12km Eggs, which can only be earned by defeating one of the Team Go Rocket Leaders: Cliff, Sierra, or Arlo. It’s a lengthy process, so getting your hands on a 12km Eggs should be an exciting moment.

But some players have branded the 12km Eggs the “biggest scam in the game” after constantly getting common hatches like Skorupi or Absol, which often appear as low-tier Raid Bosses and are pretty easy to catch.

Pokemon Go players are frustrated with 12km Eggs

In a popular thread on the Pokemon Go subreddit, Trainers shared their experiences with 12km Eggs. Many were frustrated at how difficult it is to hatch the likes of Deino, Larvitar, and the incredibly rare Sandile.


“The fact that you can get Skorupi in these [should] be a legitimate crime,” wrote one player, lamenting the Sinnoh region scorpion, while another added, “When you walk 12-fricken’-km to hatch something, it should be good!”

A third Pokemon Go player wrote: “I got to Level 30 so I got 3 incubators. I used them all on my 12km Eggs. Yesterday, they all hatched at the same time. All of them are Vullaby. Was so pissed that I transferred them all.”

Some took the opportunity to put other Egg rarities on blast, too, with one joking: “I would give my only Mew to guarantee that I never, ever, EVER hatch a Bunnelby or Spinarak ever again.”

Niantic hasn’t changed 12km Eggs since May 2021, so lots of Trainers are hoping they’ll shake things up soon. In other news, a strange bug is revealing Egg contents to some Pokemon Go players before they’ve hatched.