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Pokemon Go glitch is still revealing what’s inside unopened eggs

Published: 25/Oct/2021 19:57

by David Purcell


Pokemon Go players have discovered a glitch in the game that is still revealing the contents of unhatched eggs, and it’s something Niantic might want to fix. 

This is hardly a new problem in the Android and iOS mobile title, as there have been various reports in the past of unhatched eggs opening partially to show what’s inside.

It defeats the purpose of the feature, too. Players are supposed to walk different distances, achieve that, and find out what their reward is for doing so.

While the egg chart has been ever-changing since the start of the Season of Mischief, you won’t even have to keep up with that list if this glitch keeps raging on.


How to see what’s inside Pokemon Go eggs

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Pokemon Go’s Season of Mischief has started playing around with how eggs are hatched.

On October 25, one Reddit user hovered over one of their eggs in Pokemon Go, only to find that arms and legs started to pop out of the sides.

While not fully hatched, the glitch certainly gives away the most striking features, allowing the trainer to see whether or not it is worth pursuing.

These eggs can include anything from a common Pokemon to one of the rarest in its respective region, so finding out what it early definitely ruins the surprise.

As you can see below, this time it was an Aipom.

I don’t even have to put the egg in the incubator. It can take my hand and run next to me. from pokemongo

With this visual bug spoiling the process of egg hatching for many, it certainly can serve as a time-saving exercise for those who don’t want the Pokemon they know is inside.


How much time members of the community have left to exploit the glitch, however, remains to be seen. If Niantic has been made aware of the issue, it could be promptly removed from the game via a hotfix.

Until that time, incubators are worthless.