Pokemon Go glitch leaves players with big questions about Snorlax & Gyarados

Chris Studley
snorlax weaknesses in Pokemon

It looks like Gyarados and Snorlax, as well as a special guest in Pokemon Go, might be getting just a little too cozy with one another.

Visual glitches have become the norm in many video games over the years — and the mobile game Pokemon Go is no exception.

However, there are a few that have truly grabbed our attention and left us asking more questions.

One of those glitches happened to a user at a Pokemon Gym, as three Pokemon were getting very familiar with one another.

Snorlax and Gyarados are joined together in Pokemon Go

On Reddit, a user by the name of ‘Spooner623’ took an interesting screenshot of the Pokemon that were occupying a Gym. The screenshot included a Gyarados, Snorlax, and a Piloswine. However, there was just one problem.

Thanks to a visual glitch, all three Pokemon were on top of each other and looked like one monster, as opposed to three. The screenshot prompted Spooner to ask the Pokemon community as to what the name for this creature should be.

One Pokemon fan suggested “Piloradax,”while another suggested “Snordos.” Another suggested “DragonBearPig,” a subtle reference to ManBearPig from South Park.

Other notable suggestions included “Laxdos,” “Gyanorline,” and even Missingno, a nod to a well-known glitch from the first generation of Pokemon video games.

This is far from the only glitch we’ve seen in Go. Just last week, a time-keeping error led to one player’s Tyranitar to appear as if it was in the same Gym for 53 years — quite the feat given that the game launched in 2016.

If you’re in need of tips in the mobile game, here’s a few guides that can be of help.

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