Pokemon Go glitch brings unsettling Attack on Titan vibes

Jessica Filby
Pikachu fighting a Titan

A Pokemon Go glitch has introduced a rather unsettling version of Attack on Titan to Niantic’s popular mobile game, and fans can’t seem to get enough.

Pokemon Go is filled with some pretty impressive bugs and glitches as you work to catch ’em all or compete in raids. Some can be game-breaking, others can deny you of the one Pokemon you’ve spent hours trying to find, and a few are just plain terrifying.

One of those terrifying glitches has left a Pokemon Go player on Reddit pretty concerned, as a simple crash has caused a confusing shadow to appear that looks like it’s come straight out of the Attack on Titan.

Shared on the Pokemon Go Reddit, the player asks the community “Should I be concerned” after revealing what seems to be a giant avatar with no shoes looming over the player and a poor Lotad.

Naturally, many fans quickly joked that this wasn’t a glitch, but was, in fact, an “AoT crossover” that sneaked its way into Pokemon Go, with another commenting that it was: “Attack on Pokemon.”

Others speculated about where the shadow came from in the first place, with one commenting, “What even is that? Is there a giant that follows Avatars around and records everything? Which is therefore what we see? Maybe?”

Interestingly, the poster revealed how they managed to get the glitch, showcasing that it wasn’t by using any cheats or by doing anything wrong. Instead, they “just beat a grunt, and my game froze so I reloaded and that was there.”

It just goes to show that sometimes simply beating a Team Rocket grunt will give the player a little more than they can handle. After all, no one wants to send their poor adorable Pokemon into a battle with a Titan.

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