Pokemon Go player uncovers strange “Roblox” glitch

Em Stonham
Tyranitar from Pokemon anime.

Finding a glitch in your favorite game is always funny. One Pokemon Go player discovered a strange glitch recently that they dubbed “Pixeltar” after beating a Raid.

What was the last video game glitch you saw? Seeing something odd in one of your favorite games can be quite funny, especially if it’s unexpected. Pokemon Go is a great game but it does have its fair share of odd moments and glitches that usually leave the community in hysterics.

One player took to r/pokemongo on Reddit recently to share a strange screenshot that they affectionately nicknamed “Pixeltar” after beating a Raid – and other players loved it, comparing it to all sorts of other random video games and characters.

Pokemon Go player finds unusual “Pixeltar” glitch

A Pokemon Go player shared a snap of the strange glitch in this post on Reddit with the caption “after beating a raid, I got to encounter… PIXELTAR”. The images show a very distorted, blocky Tyranitar, along with a random Lillipup candy on the next slide.

Other Pokemon Go players found the post hilarious, with one joking that it reminded them of the unofficial ‘mon MissingNo. If you’ve not heard of this before, it’s a strange glitch Pokemon that can show up in the earlier Pokemon generations like Red & Blue.

It reminded other players of different franchises, with one person commenting, “Paper Pokemon”, and another affectionately naming the creature as the “ROBLOX Version”.

Some viewers were baffled by the random Lillipup candy, asking OP where it came from. The original poster simply replied, ” Keen eye. I had run out of Pokemon storage so I cleared it by transferring a Lillipup right before this encounter, thus getting a Lillipup candy in the process.”

It’s not entirely clear why this glitch happened, but it is always funny to see something like this pop up in a popular game like Pokemon Go. Based on what we’ve seen, this does seem to be a random incident instead of an ongoing issue in the game.