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Pokemon Go Gen 4 | Release date of the next generation

Published: 24/Jan/2019 20:00

by Paul Cot


The number one question in Pokemon Go at the moment is, when will gen 4 be released in its entirety? Currently, a fraction of the generation 4 Pokedex are available.

Pokemon Go Gen 4 Pokedex

As of writing there are 61 of the 107 generation 4 Pokemon available to catch in Pokemon Go. This means there are 56 yet to be released.


The 57th gen 4 Pokemon to be released will be Mammoswine, the third-tier evolution of the gen 2 Pokemon, Piloswine. The mammoth, twin-tusked Pokemon will be released as part of the Pokemon Go February Community Day.

The prospect of Mammoswine is particularly exciting because it is expected to be strong enough to use in competitive battling.


Gen 4 Next Wave

While we know the next gen 4 Pokemon is to be available is Mammoswine, that still leaves questions about the rest. That leaves 55 Pokemon still to be released.

Pokemon Go players are becoming increasingly impatient with the generation 4 release. However, it appears Niantic are intending to release the remainder gradually.


Expect a few several more gen 4 Pokemon to be announced after the February Community Day. This will likely be for an unnamed event in the second half of February.

This could continue all way until all of gen 4 is released!


Could Bonsly, Tangrowth and Yanmega be making appearances in Pokemon Go soon?

Interestingly, back in early December, renowned dataminer “Chrales”, found four new sprites (above). These were for Bonsly, Croagunk, Tangrowth and Yanmega.

Croagunk was released in the December holiday event. Bonsly is the pre-evolution of gen 2’s Sudowoodo. Additionally, Tangrowth and Yanmega are evolutions of Tangela and Yanma.


Pokemon Go Gen 4 Evolutions

The most hype is for gen 4 evolutions. Mammoswine is expected to join Rhyperior as two of the better Pokemon to have for battles. Both their attack and HP stats will make them highly sought after.

Elsewhere, the already available Electivire is also a good Pokemon to have. Its Wild Charge move means it’s comparable in strenth to Raikou.

Gen 4 Eeveelutions

A lot of question about the release of the 4th generation explicitly ask about the eeveelutions, Leafeon and Glaceon. With their cult popularity and their viability in battling, both will be regular sights in Pokemon Go.

Leafeon and Glaceon may have relatively average stats but their move sets, more so Glaceon’s ice attacks, mean they may find a place on your team. Moreover, with an average of 25 candies required to evolve, both are accessible for trainers.

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Generation 4 – Available Pokemon

The following gen 4 Pokemon are available in Pokemon Go now. Pokemon in italics aren’t generation 4 Pokemon.

  • Turtwig -> Grotle -> Torterra
  • Chimchar -> Monferno -> Infernape
  • Piplup -> Prinplup -> Empoleon
  • Starly -> Staravia -> Staraptor
  • Bidoof -> Bibarel
  • Kricketot -> Kricketune
  • Shinx -> Luxio -> Luxray
  • Budew -> Roselia -> Roserade
  • Pachirisu
  • Buizel -> Floatzel
  • Drifloon -> Drifblim
  • Buneary -> Lopunny
  • Misdreavus -> Mismagius
  • Murkrow -> Honchkrow
  • Chingling -> Chimecho
  • Stunky -> Skuntank
  • Bronzor -> Bronzong
  • Chatot
  • Spiritomb
  • Munchlax -> Snorlax
  • Riolu -> Lucario
  • Skorupi -> Drapion
  • Croagunk -> Toxicroak
  • Carnivine
  • Finneon -> Lumineon
  • Mantyke -> Mantine
  • Snover -> Abomasnow
  • Sneasel -> Weavile
  • Ryhorn -> Rhydon -> Rhyperior
  • Elekid -> Elecatbuzz -> Electivire
  • Magby -> Magmar -> Magmortar
  • Togepi -> Togetic -> Togekiss
  • Gligar -> Gliscor
  • Porygon -> Porygon2 -> Porygon-Z
  • Duskull -> Dusclops -> Dusknoir
  • Giratina
  • Cresselia